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July 09, 2012  | by: Lauren Kuhl

Influential women wearing peplum in the past and present, Princess Diana (left) and the Duchess of Cambridge (right)

Ah, office attire. It often conjures thoughts of boring pantsuits and monotonous ensembles, but not anymore! Spice up your work wardrobe with one of the season’s hottest trends: peplum. This subtle bit of fabric adds flounce and flare to your work wear, promising a fresh take on office attire that it sure to impress. Following are my suggestions of how to incorporate this feminine trend into your wardrobe!

Model sporting a chic peplum frock

Blouse: Keep it cool with a peplum blouse. Worn with a fitted pencil skirt or tucked in and belted with white pants for Casual Friday, a peplum blouse is both feminine and professional.

 Dress to Impress: Command the room in a peplum dress. Choose a brightly hued or printed frock for a statement-making look. If your office is more conservative, stick to basic colors like cream, beige, and shades of blue, black, and grey. Pointy pumps and your choice of a classic cardigan keep the look in 9-5 territory while also scoring major points in the department of office chic.

Model Coco Rocha is both elegant and sweet in a bubblegum pink peplum skirt

Skirt/Sweater Combo: This sweet combination is equal parts feminine and conservative, without being frumpy (gasp!). A peplum skirt evokes both professionalism and girlish charm. From summery pastels to the season’s boldest brights, the peplum skirt is a flattering option for every woman. Pair with a classic blouse to beat the heat on your morning commute, while a lightweight cardigan will keep you warm in chilly AC-fueled offices. Ditch the sweater for after-work drinks, and voila: a perfect transition into Happy Hour.

Blazer: As previously mentioned, office environments are notorious for their cool temperatures. When the thermometer rises during the blisteringly hot summer months, office temperatures reach new lows. So, despite miserable morning commutes through sticky subways and sidewalks so hot you could fry an egg, it is wise to invest in a cardigan or blazer that will beat the chill once inside your cubicle. A blazer with peplum flare is office chic, on-trend, and a serious necessity.

Whether you choose to dress it up in a peplum frock, or sport a classic peplum-infused blouse, you’ll be dressed to impress with pep in your step!

Let us know: in what other ways do you plan on incorporating this trend into your work wardrobe?

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