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September 26, 2011  | by: Jaira Keys

The Mohicans

For a moment, let’s imagine OutKast and Cee-Lo Green had a musical love child. The product would be The Mohicans. The Mohicans are a group with thought-provoking lyrics, eclectic tunes, and a southern swag. Their words are poetic and it seems as though a mad genius is responsible for their beats. This music takes you back to when hip-hop was real. Listeners end up with a catchy tune as well as relatable content . While I would put their music in the genre of hip-hop, they are doing things so fresh and new that I am almost unable to categorize it.

Devan “Kashus Klay” Calvin and David “Dave” Morgan make up the sensational duo, and together they’ve created something truly original.  Kashus Klay produces unique beats that his fan can identify from the first note, and Dave has a poetic flow that could get any woman to stop in her tracks and gets guys to visualize every word he says.

Both members are from the Dallas/Fort Worth area in Texas and met while attending school at Texas Tech University. The two are currently finishing college with plans of continuing to pursue their dream of becoming the epitome of true hip-hop.

The Mohicans

This year, The Mohicans entered the College Battle of the Bands. During the competition, the duo performed at SXSW, won both The Austin Battle and the Midwest Regional, and earned a spot in the National Finale.  At nationals, The Mohicans became the Southwest Region winner.

In June, the group traveled to California for the last performance of the competition. They performed on the 24th of June at Echo on Sunset Boulevard. They gave it everything they had, but unfortunately did not end up winning the National Finale. This is just a bump in the road for these two creative minds. With such stiff competition, they made it to the bitter end and are all the better for the experience.

The group is extremely popular on the campus of Texas Tech, but they are also familiar faces in Dallas and Houston. They have done many performances in both cities and are continuously booking new shows.

I recently got the chance to sit down and talk to The Mohicans. Here’s how it went:

emcBlue: What is the meaning behind the name of the group?

The Mohicans: The Last of The Mohicans is the name of a popular novel by James Fenimore Cooper. We came up with that name because we believe that we are the last of a dying breed, when it comes to true hip-hop music.

When and where did you two meet?

We met at a freestyle/spoken-word event in 2009. We liked each other’s style and decided to work together.

How would you classify your style of music?

Unique — we wouldn’t want to put ourselves in any particular category. We’re in our own lane and doing something different than what anyone else is doing

There have been a few comparisons between you guys and OutKast, and on your track “Cut My Tires” Dave says, “They say me and Kashus remind of them of them 2 dope boys in the Cadillacs.” I assume this refers to Outkast. What do you think of the comparison? Do you agree?

We’re flattered that those comparisons are being made. OutKast is a great group. If people are comparing us to a group like them, that’s great. We can see similarities in style, but we see ourselves as separate from anything that has or is currently being done right now.

What sets you apart from any other music group?

We actually do our music in the same room. With technology, people sometimes do their parts separately and them put them together later. We have substance in our lyrics and in our music. We are involved in every part of making our music. Producing, writing, rapping — we do it all.

The Mohicans

What groups/bands do you guys listen to?

OutKast, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Odd Future.

What individuals are you currently listening to?

Kendrick Lamar, Little Dragon, and Tyler the Creator. Listening to Tyler the Creator is cool because he is around the same age as us and he is doing so many things, so he is an inspiration.

What or who is on your IPod that people would be surprised about?

System of a Down, Nirvana, and a little country music.

Do you guys have any rituals you repeat before every show?

Not practicing! No, usually we just get up there and perform. Everything usually goes well, so it just works for us.

Your fans have been anticipating the release of your mix tape.  Can you tell me what the name of it is and when it can be expected to be released?

The name of the mix tape is Uncas. It could be done in a few weeks, but we don’t want to rush it. We don’t have an official release date, so we will just say it will be released before the end of the year.

With so many artists in the music business, how do you plan to make it to the top and stay there?

We plan to keep doing what we do, what makes our fans love what we do, and we plan to continue to switch it up.

The Dallas Observer has nominated The Mohicans for best rap/hip hop artist. Fans can now go online and place their votes. Winners will be announced Tuesday, October 18th, at the Dallas Observer Music Awards Ceremony at the House of Blues. Winners will also be announced in the October 20th issue of the Dallas Observer.  Click here to vote for the Mohicans, and help these two achieve sucess.

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