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February 08, 2013  | by: Amanda Fiore
Twitter (Buzzfeed)

Twitter (Buzzfeed)


Last week’s Super Bowl was one for the books. Not because of San Francisco’s second half redemption or the 33-minute stadium black-out that delayed the championship game, but because for the first time in NFL history the half-time performer was crowned winner of Super Bowl XLVII. Beyoncé brought her A game, stealing the Super Bowl stage from right under the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers .

She mesmerized the audience with her powerful voice, flirtatious dance moves, and of course a glamorous outfit which directed all eyes to her famous curves. Beyoncé’s half-time performance was perhaps the finest moment of the entire game and although Beyoncé is well deserving of the endless praise, it is Rubin Singer who earns our attention.

Rubin Singer is the mastermind behind Beyoncé’s sexy Super Bowl wardrobe. Meeting just two years ago, Singer and Beyonce hit it off, as she sported one of his gowns, a navy silk piece, for her Fourth of July performance at the Statue of Liberty. Since the initial meeting, Singer has worked close with Beyoncé designing various pieces unique to his bigger-than-life client. Last November, while working on his fall 2013 collection, Singer was approached by Beyoncé’s team and asked to create a fashion vision for Beyoncé’s Super Bowl appearance. Although Singer had to keep his lips locked regarding the actual design of the outfit, he did reveal to New York Times, “It’s the biggest moment of my career”.

Flickr (Wilfred Wong Photography)

Flickr (Wilfred Wong Photography)

Beyoncé’s Super Bowl look was epic. She rocked a black leotard, embellished with black, lace trim emphasizing her seductive hips with a plunging slit down the front accentuating her womanly features. The bombshell wore black leather gloves and fishnet stockings to pull together her sexy half-time look. It is clear that Beyoncé scored big in her choice of designer Rubin Singer.

Singer’s creation screamed high drama, a look that is no stranger to Beyoncé. This high-drama, sultry one piece was perfect in highlighting the star’s womanly features, while keeping it classy with traditional black. Beyoncé was not afraid to show some skin and Singer’s design allowed her do to so in a tasteful manner. Beyoncé pulled it off again! Is there anything this musical icon can’t do?

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