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August 20, 2013  | by: Neil Protacio
Twitter (tlcontlc)

Twitter (tlcontlc)


Now that “The Little Couple’s” fifth season is in full swing again, I can finally come out of the closet: I love “The Little Couple”.

It’s a guilty pleasure, you guys, one that I am all but willing to admit when television becomes the conversation. I’m the type who’ll call jeans and a t-shirt fashion forward, never mind the BBQ stain on the neckline. I’m guilty of slipping on the snapback backwards. I tip it to the side a little. I cuss like a sailor and use words like YA’LL and AIN’T. And when I’m driving around, you can tell I’m coming because “To Live and Die in LA” is blaring through your block. The street life chose me.

But if there’s one show that can lower this rugged wall, it’s “The Little Couple”,  and who honestly can say otherwise? How can you deny a show that brings such attention to people with dwarfism and present it in such a warm, loving, put-fuzzy-feelings-in-your-stomach way that by the end of the episode, you’re crying because you feel like the family you’ve known all your life just left you at the zoo?

It’s the type of television that all reality shows should strive for – that happy feeling you get when you have to hit the off button.

What’s striking about “The Little Couple”, however, is how it paints normalcy to people with dwarfism. It’s not so much about the gawking of bystanders, or the strenuous coping of the dwarfism condition, granted that there are some, but it’s about the everyday lives of Dr. Jen Arnold and Bill Klein who, basically, are just like us. So if they’re just like us, what makes them so special?

They’re successful, but so humble.

Jen is a well-established doctor, specializing in infant care, and her husband, Bill, is a businessman. But despite their success, they have their shortcomings… no pun intended, of course. The episodes center around everyday issues and ideas a family can have, like building a house specifically catering to their needs, and of course, having a kid. The two just recently traveled to China where they met their adoptive son William, and Jesus H. Christ, you guys. I. CAN’T. EVEN.

The show has its ups and downs, a plethora of different emotional rollercoasters that will definitely pull on your heartstrings. If you need a break from the Housewives or need to block out “The Real World”, “The Little Couple” is the show that ushers you into their lives and makes you feel at home. Simply put, kudos to the TLC team for bringing forth a show that’s not only entertaining, but educational.

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