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February 02, 2011  | by: Lauren Barber


Jeggings, the seemingly perfect hybrid of leggings and jeans, have managed to orchestrate a successful takeover in the fashion world these days.  It would be a rare day to walk down the street and not spot some one sporting this new fashion craze.  Walk into any department store and you are instantly greeted with racks of jeggings, varying in colors, sizes and styles.  Celebrities from Rihanna to Fergie to Halle Berry love them. The term “jegging” is even on the waiting list for inclusion in the Oxford English Dictionary.

So where did these new-fangled bottoms come from?  How have they managed to dominate the fashion world?

Basically, girls and women love their pants just about as tight as they come these days. Ever since the early 2000s, when skinny jeans ambushed the A-list of fashion, there has been a demand for tighter and tighter pants.  After leggings made their valiant comeback from the 1980s and skinny jeans erupted, it was only a matter of time.  The idea for jeggings was conceived in early 2009, and they were among the highest selling fashion item for 2010.  Girls and women across the globe no longer have to stare at their closet in angst, trying to make the near impossible decision between leggings and jeans.

Jessica Alba Shows Off Some Jeggings Style

So how does one wear jeggings properly? That’s tricky too.

We’ve all seen the girls who struggle with dressing for their body type.  Jeggings can make that even more difficult; they’re pretty much hit or miss and sometimes very unflattering.  They can work, though – if done right.  Paired with a cute, fitted sweater dress or long tee shirt, jeggings can be an incredibly chic and casual outfit.  Throw on some heels and you’re golden.

But keep in mind: If you wear them, you have to be able to pull them off or it just doesn’t work. Girls definitely have to be comfortable in their own skin before throwing a pair of these on for the day.

Personally, I am a true believer in pants.  Specifically, real pants with real pockets, zippers and substantial fabric.  Sometimes I come onto the fashion scene a little later than others out of sheer spite and denial that the outfit I just bought has suddenly been whisked out of the realm of acceptable attire.  I resisted wearing leggings for as long as possible. When I finally caved, I refused to accept the idea of leggings as a substitute for pants. Before I knew it, however, the hemlines of my concealing shirts were getting higher, and I now drag myself to the gym every day so I can be among the elite group who can successfully pull off leggings as a pants alternative.  Who knows?  Perhaps in a few weeks time I’ll be sporting a pair of jeggings proudly.

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