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February 11, 2013  | by: Amanda Fiore
Flickr (mandiberg)

Flickr (mandiberg)


Fashion runways are the most fabulous, high-drama filled spaces where creativity and inspiration run wild. Runways allow the unrelenting visions of the globe’s hottest designers to be transformed into reality.  As fashion-goers, we are never quite sure what crazy yet fantastic pieces will be revealed on the runway next.

Sometimes we can trace fashion’s most eclectic designs from start to finish, but at other times we are completely dumbfounded by the world’s most renowned names in fashion. These five fashion-show items are truly jaw-droppers. I’m not sure if they have practicality in the real world but they are definitely conversation starters.

Designer Kate Spade is known for her traditional shaped bags, bright colors, and unique graphic prints. The traditional, sophisticated Kate Spade designs are simply unmatched. Although this international designer is prized for her playful simplicity, she takes a walk on the wild side with her new Sunglass Clutch.

Creative Commons (Google Images)

Creative Commons (Google Images)


This piece is an overdose of wacky and fun. Although it appeals towards a younger crowd, the Sunglass Clutch is a cute accessory that’ll grab all types of attention. Despite its $328 price tag, Kate Spade’s Sunglass Clutch gets a thumbs up! It is the perfect dose of quirky to liven up any wardrobe.

Creative Commons (Google Images)

Creative Commons (Google Images)

Celine is a French luxury powerhouse. Providing the world with the finest leather goods, shoes, and accessorizes this designer is truly a fashion icon. But the latest debut of her Fur Pump has me questioning her designer license. I’m not quite sure what designer, Celine Vipiana, was thinking when she created her fuzzy fur shoe. Perhaps she was watching an episode of Sesame Street and was inspired by the big yellow bird, Big Bird.

These shoes are all-around questionable. I’m not sure what you would wear these fuzzy things with, a skirt, jeans, dress pants? The bright yellow does not help Celine’s case either. As if the fuzzy texture wasn’t confusing enough, the neon yellow adds to this puzzling piece. Hopefully Celine will redeem itself or design an outfit to match these baffling shoes.

Last is Prada, an Italian fashion legend. Prada is the premiere of men and women’s leather goods ranging from luggage to eyewear. This distinguished, unparalleled company has monopolized over the industry but their newest shoe addition has got me puzzled. Prada recently unleashed their new Flatforms, which are a terrible hybrid of platforms and moon-shoes.

Creative Commons (Google Images)

Creative Commons (Google Images)


These shoes are truly awful. The different striped colors, as well as, the actual shape of the shoe are unflattering and bizarre. I am not sure what Prada designers were thinking while designing this one. These shoes resemble swimming floats more than things you would wear on your feet. The Flat-forms received much buzz, but unfortunately this buzz was all bad news for Prada.

Although fashion shoes are supposed to reveal the must-have trends of the upcoming season, providing designer inspiration for thousands of fashion gurus, these pieces are not meant for reality. With the exception of Kate Spade’s Sunglass Clutch, these items should retreat behind the runway curtain and perhaps stay there until further revision.

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