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February 27, 2013  | by: Amanda Fiore
Twitter (alexandalexa)

Twitter (alexandalexa)


Children’s fashion has made its way into our mainstream society. In today’s world the public is more concerned with who Suri Cruise is wearing, rather than what is going on in the world. These hip-toddlers are making headlines, decked head to toe in designer clothes and accessories, and are creating quite a market of designer-clad babies. This children’s designer market is receiving growing world wide attention and with the efforts of the U.K.-based global style destination, AlexandAlexa.com, children’s fashion will be starring in its own fashion week this spring.

Yes you read right, children’s fashion will put on its first-ever-global fashion week in London, England on March 19 and 20. The show is said to include collections from international designer brands like Little Marc Jacobs, Junior Gaultier, and Chloe. The goal of the week is to educate and inspire people to take part in this evolving fashion market.

“There’s no question that its deserved its own dedicated platform. With this event, we aim to put children fashion on the map worldwide,” stated AlexandAlexa.com’s founder and CEO, Alex Theophanous. AlexandAlexa is determined to elevate the status and public awareness of this innovative fashion world. By sponsoring this first-ever-world-wide kids fashion week, AlexandAlexa are on the way to putting children fashion on the fashion map and in the forefront of the minds of consumers.

Twitter (alexandalexa)

Twitter (alexandalexa)


The global kids fashion week, will not only promote sales in children’s fashion but put more pressure on parents to keep up with the hottest trends sported by celerity children. The developing market in kid’s fashion will lead to a better-dressed public, along with its complications on society. Will the kid’s fashion week bring more competition into the lives of toddlers? Will children begin to compare themselves to others at a younger age, with clothing at their root?

These are questions only time will tell. Society already places an enormous amount of attention on appearance and the global kids fashion week goes hand-in-hand with the extreme pressure placed on the public to always look their best. Society’s focus on the ideal image of beauty can have ripple effects into the psyche of individuals, decreasing self worth.

There is no shame in dressing your child well, but if parents take it a step too far, a large focus on kids’ fashion can do more harm than good for the child’s self-esteem. Like in most aspects of life, balance is key. The global kids fashion show will not directly harm children’s self esteem, it is what the public does with this emerging market that will dictate the children’s view of themselves. It is up to parents to filter the growing market in children’s fashion, deciding what notions to adopt and which to drop.

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