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June 13, 2012  | by: Anissa Pierre

Colored Jeans

Now that colored jeans have become a staple item in just about everyone’s summer closet, it is important to discuss the best ways to wear your festive pants. Colored jeans are a great way to add some fun to an otherwise ordinary outfit, but if worn the wrong way your outfit can go from incredibly chic to incredibly awkward. Here are some quick do’s and don’ts to remember the next time you pick up your colored jeans.

Do: Color Block

Kim Kardashian

Color blocking is taking solid colored pieces and putting them together to make one outfit. Colored denim makes color blocking super easy because all you have to do is find a cute top that the compliments the color of the  jeans. Here, Kim Kardashian pairs mango colored jeans with a bright magenta blazer, white shirt, and nude heels. Pick colors that are relatively in the same color family; on Kim, the soft mango and bold magenta accent each other and are appealing to the eye.

Its also important to remember not to over do it when color blocking. Picking two pieces to color block, like Kim’s blazer and pants, is enough to get the point across. If you want to play more with color, try adding accessories or a bag. If you find that you have too much color just take off the accessories or try another bag, that way you don’t have to find another outfit.

Do: Wear Prints


Wearing a printed top with your colored jeans can give your outfit a different feel. Adding prints is all about giving your pants more personality. If you’re bold and daring, take a hint form Rihanna and wear a animal print top for an edgy rocker look; if you’re more girly, pick a flowy floral top. The fun thing about colored jeans is that they are amazingly versatile, so you can change your look every time you wear them.

Do: Keep Things Basic

Victoria Justice

You can never go wrong with wearing your colored jeans with a basic white, black, or grey top. If you feel like your pants make enough of a statement or you’re apprehensive about adding more color, go ahead and throw on that plain tee.

Don’t: Wear Ill-Fitting Colored Jeans

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian’s outfit is super cute. The denim shirt, red pants, and leopard belt and shoes go great with each other; however, the fit of her jeans is quite unfortunate. The downside of wearing colored jeans is that they are less forgiving than regular jeans. Colored jeans highlight your legs whether you want them to or not; the concentration of color, especially a bold color like red, automatically draws the eye down. So, if your pants do not fit you well, people are going to be looking at all the wrong things. Khloe Kardashian has beautiful curves, but these pants do nothing for them.  Don’t be Khloe: make sure your colored jeans fit!

Do you have more do’s and don’ts for colored jeans? Share them in the comment box!

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