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November 03, 2011  | by: Nicole Brown

Make sure to check the ingredients of the make-up you use

Have you ever wondered just what the ingredients in your make-up or beauty products really are? I am sure we have all heard of the controversy surrounding Mica, titanium dioxide, bismuth oxide, and talc, not to mention quite a few other ingredients. Some claim that these ingredients give us cancer, respiratory ailments, and contribute to our chances of developing a disease.

What we do not hear of is the size of the particles that the company uses. Size matters because at a certain level it allows for skin and cellular absorption of certain particles. The size of these particles can be as big as micros to as small as nano particles. In reality both micros and nanos are small, as micros are measured by the millionths, and nano sized particles are 1,000 times smaller. Because of the varying  differentiation by companies,  some companies claim they use micronized particles when in fact they are actually using particles technically defined as nano particle. These particles can get absorbed into organs and wreak havoc.

shadows, liners, and foundation can all contain harmful chemicals

Mica and titanium dioxide are the leading ingredients in mineral make up, which claims to be lightweight,  not to clog pores, and is gentle enough for use on sensitive skin. However Titanium dioxide can contribute to the formation of free radicals in the body as one website stated, while many make-up wearers claim  to be allergic to bismuth oxide and Mica. However, Non-mineral make up companies are not free from their own problems. They use talc, synthetic fillers  and parabens (used as preservatives) in their make-up which have some other make-up users crying out!

As one of my friends says, there really is no “safe” make-up. I would think the only thing one can do is research every product before it is bought and make an informed decision. One of my favorite websites Skin deep, lists the safety rating of each product by the company.

In addition there are companies that do make Talc free (such as a line by physicians formula) , bismuth free, or mica free make-up. There are also some other websites that I  found interesting:  An Organic makeup company’s website and a site that lists the ingredients of mineral make up.

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