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April 06, 2013  | by: Emilie Moran
Flickr (sacks08)

Flickr (sacks08)


Exercise is important for any healthy lifestyle. Whether you are trying to lose weight or not, exercising strengthens your body, strengthens your heart and can strengthen your mind. Yet, I am pretty sure everyone knows that going to the gym is no easy task. Most of us are always too tired, or have too much work to even think about making our way to the gym. Yet, what if we could look super cute while working out…..would that make it any easier? The Converse company seems to think so as they collaborate with Missoni to create the perfect sneaker

This isn’t the first time Missoni and Converse have worked together. Back in fall 2010, the two worked on a line of Chuck Taylor All Stars and last spring 2012, high-tops turned into zigzag printed chunky platforms. However, the two have come together again to put the zigzag designs on a different kind of shoe, the Auckland Racer.

The Auckland Racer was first worn in the 1970s when jogging first became a popular form of exercising. Missoni and Converse’s take on the Auckland Racer is a creation that comes in two colors: grey or blue. The shoe is made with Missoni’s dyed wool, which takes over the entirety of the shoe, and is accented in a copper thread that gives it a metallic finish.

I would usually think all of this color is a bit too much for a sneaker, however, Converse and Missoni have made the soles of the shoe a pure white, balancing out all of the color and giving the sneakers a clean finish.


Flickr (mandiberg)

Flickr (mandiberg)


Because of the flat soles, I find Converse sneakers are usually not the best kind of shoe to wear while working out at the gym. However, since the Auckland Race was originally created for running, I am glad to finally see a pair of shoes that can I can wear while exercising! However, if you want a pair of these nifty shoes, you better move fast! Quantities are limited to one purchase per customer and are only being sold at select stores both online and around the world. I don’t know about you, but having this shoe would make me want to go to the gym ASAP….and that’s saying a lot.

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