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January 25, 2011  | by: Brandon Kirby

Some of the 83rd Annual Academy Award Nominees

Yesterday’s announcement of the nominees for the 83rd Annual Academy Awards left in its wake a path of surprises and snubs. Here’s a breakdown of what hit the hardest.

The Surprises

6. Mike Leigh’s Another Year for Best Original Screenplay

This comes as more of a pleasant surprise than anything. Just when we thought British director Mike Leigh’s newest film was going to get shut out, The Academy did not let us forget and honored him with a nomination for Best Original Screenplay.

5. The entire category of Best Makeup

Where in the world did this come from? With nominations for Barney’s Version, The Way Back and The Wolfman, one can’t help but wonder what happened with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1Black Swan or even Alice in Wonderland.

4. I Am Love for Best Costume Design

Though this film from Italy got left out for the Best Foreign Language Film Category, it did nab a nomination for Costume Design.

3. John Powell’s score for How To Train Your Dragon nominated

No notice whatsoever led to a nomination for John Powell’s soaring How to Train Your Dragon score to accompany the film’s nomination for Best Animated Feature.

2. The love for Winter’s Bone

Just when everyone thought the academy would forget about Debra Granik’s Ozarks realist thriller, it got some of the most love with nominations in Best Picture, Actress, Supporting Actor and Screenplay.

1. Javier Bardem of Biutiful for Best Actor

Most were taken aback when Javier Bardem of Biutiful got nominated for Best Actor over the likes of Ryan Gosling for Blue Valentine or Robert Duvall for Get Low.

The Snubs

7. Burlesque left out of Original Song

The only thing going for this movie was its songs. And though it had been getting recognition in previous award shows, the Academy decided to leave Cher and Christina in the dark.

6. Waiting for ‘Superman’ left out of Best Documentary

Though Davis Guggenheim’s documentary about the public education system had been garnering nominations for Best Documentary, it got left out for films aimed at environmentalism and war. Oh, and Exit Through the Gift Shop.

5. TRON: Legacy left out of Visual Effects

Again, another film with only its look and sound going for it. It got left out of its best possible chance of a nomination: visual effects. It did, however, get a nomination for Sound Editing. That’s something.

4. The Town gets forgotten

Ben Affleck’s crime thriller had been gaining steam by the end of awards season leading up to these nominations. So much to the point where people thought it was going to edge its way into the 10 slots for Best Picture. Turned out to be not the case as the Academy showed its love for Debra Granik’s Winter’s Bone instead keeping it well in the running. The only nomination The Town received was for Jeremy Renner’s turn as Best Supporting Actor.

3. Black Swan supporting ladies left out

Mila Kunis of Black Swan was expected to make her way into the category of Best Supporting Actress, or at least Barbara Hershey for the same film. Not the case. Instead, Hailee Steinfeld of True Grit was considered as a supporting lady over lead,due to her young age,and the two ladies of The Fighter–Amy Adams and Melissa Leo–along with Helena Bonham Carter for The King’s Speech made it in instead.

2. No love for Andrew Garfield

Arguably the best performance found in The Social Network was from newcomer Andrew Garfield. Not in The Academy’s eyes. The likes of John Hawkes from Winter’s Bone shoved him right out.

1. Inception directed itself — Christopher Nolan is absent

When Christopher Nolan’s name got left out of the nominees for Best Director, a resounding thud sound spread across the nation from all the jaws hitting the floor. The ones expected not to get in, Joel and Ethan Coen for True Grit, got chosen instead. This snub still devastates and confuses and probably will for a long while. What’s worse is that Inception, one of the snappiest and sharpest films of the year, also got left out of Best Editing. At least Nolan received his nod for Best Original Screenplay.

What’s your take? Did The Academy get everything right, or did some nominations or lack thereof leave you scratching your head?

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