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February 06, 2013  | by: Tania Lasenburg
Flickr (blurasis)

Flickr (blurasis)


Tegan and Sara is a group to be reckoned with! If you haven’t listened to their music before, maybe you should do a back track to see how grown these women have become. This is the seventh album by these ladies and although it is a good album it is for acquired taste.

This album is very pop; which can catch newcomers off guard because their music does not get a lot, if any, radio play. The first track off this album, which is also the first single, is called “Closer” and it is blunt straight to the point.

All I want to know is, can you come a little closer?
Here comes the breath before we get a little bit closer
Here comes the rush before we touch, come a little closer

Most people would think about something physical and although she wants that, a verse makes it clear that physical is not the only thing she wants. This sounds like a love song, a mellow tempo one but it isn’t. It is filled with electric pop; not tacky like the 80s but it is done well and the video is really cute and plays off on the 80s theme.

The entire album is about a relationship; whether it is one relationship or several, each song is about some specific, you can feel in not only in how the song is sung but the lyrics. My favorite song on the album is “I was a fool.” It is more emotional than the other songs on the album and it is more down to earth than the other songs. Although the beat doesn’t make it seem like a sad song, it does put you in a state in wonder of your past heartbreaks.

The album is not for everyone; but there will be a song that you’ll love or can’t get out of head. This album gets a 4 out of 5. The content is great and I really wish they had a larger audience; after 7 albums hopefully this will be the one to make them a household name.

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