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December 09, 2011  | by: Martha Adjei

Amber Portwood

Farrah may start twitter fueds, but Amber Portwood throws punches in real life. According to the Huffington Post, Teen Mom star Amber Portwood recently got into a drunken fight at an IHOP in Indiana. A by-stander says the woman Amber was fighting was a complete stranger:

“She was drunk, and there was another girl in the restaurant that had been drinking too, and apparently said something about Amber to her friend. Amber instigated the fight. She told the girl, ‘You don’t know anything about me! I’m gonna whup your a–!’ They just attacked each other.”

Amber confirms that the fight happened, but she tells the press that the fight started after she heard some racist comments. When the comments didn’t stop, she attacked the woman and a fight ensued.

The Huffington Post points out that this isn’t the first time Amber’s acted out in public. Amber was charged with domestic violence after assaulting her ex-boyfriend and baby daddy Gary Shirley. Amber now admits that she’s been diagnosed with bi-polar and dissociative disorders and has a hard time controlling her anger:

“I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder three years ago. I struggle with it. I hate it. I grieve over it. When I went to rehab for two months, they diagnosed me with dissociative disorder too, which makes me black out. People don’t understand what it’s like.”

Poor Amber. It sounds like she’s trying to get better, but her hard work in rehab doesn’t seem to be paying off. Let’s give it a few months. Hopefully she learns that fists aren’t always the best way to confront someone.

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