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May 26, 2012  | by: Danielle Lawrence
Amber Portwood

Amber Portwood

Teen Mom’s Amber Portwood has opted for the view behind bars —  again. This time, she allegedly expressed her desire to return back to jail to a judge in an Indiana courtroom on Thursday while her lawyer stood by shocked.

Portwood had the opportunity to avoid a five-year prison sentence if she completed a strict drug rehabilitation program, but it seemed the mother of 3-year-old Leah Shirley could not withstand treatment.

According to E! News, Portwood was booked after 5 pm Thursday on two contempt-of-court charges. The 22-year-old MTV star reportedly told the judge she would rather go to jail than continue her program and admitted to using since the start of her program. She will be held in Madison County Jail until a hearing is scheduled.

Amber and her daughter, Leah, in 2010. Photo Credit: Splash News

“Amber finally had enough,” brother Shawn Portwood told E!. “The system failed her, and that is all I can say.” He also added that her jail time could not have been avoided because “she is there because of who she is.”

Two weeks ago, she broke her probation after failing to attend a drug court appointment following her December arrest for drug possession.  She claimed she did not appear in court due to her doctor’s bed rest order. After speaking with her doctor, her case manager found out she was lying. She was released last Thursday after a judge told her he wanted her to continue with her rehabilitation and find a fitting job, sources told TMZ.

At that time, Portwood told E! she was “OK. Just hustling. I’ve got a lot on my plate.” Her brother also mentioned that she is considering joining the military.

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