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March 14, 2013  | by: Kaitlyn Vella
Flickr (Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer)

Flickr (Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer)



America’s sweetheart has officially released a new music video for her new single “22.” Taylor Swift premiered the fun music video on Good Morning America (GMA) on Mar 13 in honor of her favorite number (13) and in honor of the beginning of her “Red Tour,” which began the same night.

The music video features Swift and some of her closest friends just living life and having an amazing time together. In a prerecorded message before the video, Swift told GMA  that she had a ton of fun filming this video.

I’ve never had this much fun shooting a video because my friends in the video are actually my real-life friends

One of the greatest parts about this video in particular is the fact that Swift made the decision to include her real-life pals. There wasn’t any forced chemistry or bad acting. It all felt so real and like everyone was genuinely having a great time because, well, it was real and they were having a great time.

Flickr (oouinouin)

Flickr (oouinouin)


I think that Swift’s decision to include her actual group of friends instead of a bunch of actors was very smart. We got to see a side of Swift that we’re not particularly used to. She was quirky, fun and looked like she didn’t have a care in the world. Plus, it made her seem like a normal 23-year-old girl. She no longer was Taylor Swift, world-famous singer/songwriter. She was simply just Taylor, hanging out with her friends.

On top of that, I think it was also a smart decision that Swift chose “22″ as her new single. Most of the young musician’s singles have to deal with romance, breakups or boys in general. This one, though? This one has a main theme and focus of friendship and fun. There is little talk of boys and how sad or upset or in love she or somebody else. As much as I love those songs, I think that this was a good choice for her image.

Taylor Swift has somehow racked up the reputation for being boy-crazy and for dating multiple men in Hollywood. While I feel that her personal life and dating life is really none of the public’s business, I think that choosing to release a new single that has nothing to do with those things was very smart. She has a variety of songs that have nothing to do with boys, but many people don’t know that. They simply know her for what songs make it on the radio, which happen to be the songs that make her sound romance-hungry.

I absolutely love the new music video and the song in general. It’s just really fun and a good anthem for friends to dance around and be silly too. Plus, I adored Swift’s outfits in the video. They were so cute! It’s safe to say that I’d love to be included in Swift’s little friend group, but let’s be real… Who wouldn’t want to be included?

What are your thoughts on the new video and the new single?

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