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October 17, 2012  | by: Jennifer Chien

Taylor Swift

Pop? Country? Pop-country. That was the genre we all agreed Taylor Swift belonged to, at least before her recent new singles baffle us once more. Each week, one new song is released from the singer’s upcoming album, Red, and each single has hit the #1 mark on iTunes within 24 hours of its release, without a doubt. Though each single has been inconsistent in genre, it has definitely been consistent with keeping us anticipated for the full album.

First released was “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” which embodies a very pop sound, loud and proud. Then, “Begin Again” was released, a more melodramatic song with hints of country and the very Taylor Swift sound we know too well. “Red” was next, back to pop with catchy vocals, and last week’s “I Knew You Were Trouble” definitely shocked us all with dubstep drops. What’s next to come? This week, it’s “State of Grace.

Moving away from her recent experiment with dubstep, ”State of Grace” is a lyrically driven song that impresses us with subtle hints of U2 inspiration, and style from her Hunger Games contribution. Swift explains in her GMA preview:

“I wrote this song about when you first fall in love with someone — the possibilities, kind of thinking about the different ways that it could go. It’s a really big sound. To me, this sounds like the feeling of falling in love in an epic way.”

One thing we know for sure, Swift’s new album promises her dabbling with other genres and styles of music, but not without staying true to her pop country roots, and her love to be lyrically inspired by…well, love. I don’t know what to expect, but  I’m sure looking forward to hearing the whole album, which will be released October 22. I’m also willing to bet this album will be #1, probably within an hour of its debut. What do you think? Are you excited?

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