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November 16, 2011  | by: Katherine Bautista

Tamara Mellon

Fifteen years ago, Tamara Mellon partnered with shoemaker Jimmy Choo in what would prove to become a watershed moment in the history of footwear, transforming every woman’s love affair with expensive stilettos and creating a large global empire. Since then, the Jimmy Choo brand has evolved into handbags, small leather goods, sunglasses, eye-wear and fragrance.

However, just this weekend, news broke that Tamara Mellon, co-founder of the brand, declared her resignation from the company along with CEO Joshua Schulman. Mellon has yet to reveal her next move; however sources believe that the talented creative executive may be embarking on a new project of her own, following in the footsteps of Tom Ford and Tory Burch.

Mellon was the perfect face of a luxe brand geared at women: chic, thin, beautiful, and stylish. Then in May of 2011, she’d sold the business to Labelux, a luxury firm that paid 525 million pounds for it. Mellon and CEO Joshua Schulman were to stay on in creative consultancy roles, but abruptly left, giving no public explanation. But the company did make it clear that the two instances are very much unrelated.

According to Labelux, Mellon left “to pursue [an] independent career,” and the company has no plans to replace her as chief creative officer. “The creative side of the company is extremely strong and the design direction will continue,” said Reinhard Mieck, Labelux’s chief executive.

Although Schulman announced his resignation at the same time as Mellon, there is no sign that he will join her in this new venture she may have planned. For Mellon, there is no word yet on what this supposed new label will be named, or what’s to become of it and it’s timetable. However, the future of Jimmy Choo is now in question, and like most of you, I eagerly await what’s next to come from this luxurious brand.

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