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Amazing Women to Model Yourself After!

There are, and have been, so many incredible women in Hollywood that are truly admirable. These women are iconic and have set the stage for what women should stand for. Whether they have exceptional style, talent, grace or humor; what … Continue reading

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Bus Driver Beating: Justified?

Recently, an unbelievable  video surfaced on the Internet of a bus driver and an unidentified woman entering into a verbal dispute, which resulted in the woman being punched and thrown off the bus.  According to Fox News, 25- year-old Shi’dea  … Continue reading

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High-Flying Fashion: Virgin America and Banana Republic Team Up

With shows like “Pan Am” and AMC’s “Mad Men,” we thought we knew what it was like to jet set in style. Everything from the tiny little pillbox hats and white gloves to stiff, blue skirt suits, made us jealous … Continue reading

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Emiratis Want Tourists to Shop in Respectful Garb

Apparently, dress codes aren’t just for the office and school anymore. And if two Emirati women had their say, a dress code would be enforced in the malls of their hometown, Abu Dhabi. A popular tourist attraction and one of … Continue reading

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Women Guitarist Christopher Reimer Continues Trend of Weird Band Deaths

It goes without saying that death is a difficult thing to cope with, but there’s something even stranger when we witness the death of a figure in the public eye – whether it’s someone as widely adored as Whitney Houston, … Continue reading

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