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Bus Driver Beating: Justified?

Recently, an unbelievable  video surfaced on the Internet of a bus driver and an unidentified woman entering into a verbal dispute, which resulted in the woman being punched and thrown off the bus.  According to Fox News, 25- year-old Shi’dea  … Continue reading

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Rodney King’s Legacy Lives On, Says Don Cheadle

Although Rodney King- the man whose 1991 beating by the Los Angeles police sparked the LA riots- was found dead in his home, Don Cheadle says his legacy won’t be forgotten. “[Race relations] is the biggest thing we have to … Continue reading

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Can Violence Be Chic?: “Victims of Beauty” Riles Up Anti-Abuse Groups

In the Bulgarian Magazine, 12, the ad campaign entitled Victims of Beauty is turning into an international controversy. Fashion lovers and anti-domestic violence groups alike are shunning the ‘violent’ makeup ad, calling it “perverse” and “grotesque”. <!–more–> The DailyMail describes … Continue reading

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Beware Black Friday 2011

This Thanksgiving, while most Americans settle down at the dinner table with their extended families to carve overstuffed turkeys and devour helping after helping of green bean casserole and candied yams, a few daring individuals plant themselves in front of … Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street: NYC’s New Tourist Attraction

Occupy Wall Street, a working class movement against the “greedy, thieving rich”, began in New York City mid-September of this year. Now, the occupation has spread to many other places here and worldwide, including Spain, Italy and even India. Many are … Continue reading

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MTV Censors Bondage Scenes in 30 Seconds to Mars Music Video

When 30 Seconds to Mars released their 13 minute-long, mildly epic music video for “Hurricane,” they didn’t anticipate the storm of disapproval destined to rain down on their pretty little heads.  The band released the video, off of their most … Continue reading

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