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Kim Kardashian Enters the Underworld With Vampire Facial

  You know what sounds ah-maaazing right now? A nice, relaxing facial. But the typical old-fashioned facial is so tired. I mean, the warm washcloth and steam? The exfoliating scrub? The lavender-scented essential oils? Bo-ring! Get your butts into the 21st … Continue reading

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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

The happiest moment of my life occurred while watching previews before the movie This Means War. I was a little late on the Valentine fiasco, but what I witnessed in that preview was the greatest combination known to man: dead presidents … Continue reading

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We Are The Night‘s Vampiric Feminism Fails

We Are The Night, a vampire flick dripping with excess and estrogen, hits DVD shelves tomorrow. The film centers on female monsters that have insatiable appetites for the finer things in life – O, AB and A.

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Blood, Fangs, and Fashion: Who Designed Bella’s Wedding Dress?

Twilight has become a phenomenon over the past few years, generating millions of fans and followers.  It all started when author Stephenie Meyer wrote the first book in 2005. Kristen Stewart has captured the hearts of Twilight readers and as an … Continue reading

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Season 4 of True Blood Promises A Bloody Good Time

    “True Blood” fans have been waiting in anticipation for the fourth season premiere of the scandalous vampire show for more than nine months. Wait no more,”True Blood” will finally make its way back to HBO on Sunday. With … Continue reading

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