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The Most Thought-Provoking Movie You’ll See All Weekend

  “There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.” – Ansel Adams The date: March 11, 2012. The place: SXSW in Austin, Texas. The film: $ellebrity, an incisive and damning documentary about paparazzi culture. Though … Continue reading

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Model Ashley Smith : An Unconventional Beauty

21-year-old model Ashley Smith flips what we know today as the typical waif  model on its head with her unconventional looks. Ashley’s full bust and gap teeth have designers and photographers alike fighting to work with her.

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Kanye Make Surprise Appearance at SXSW

On Wednesday SXSW goers in Austin, Texas were pleasantly surprised by a guest appearance and performance by the great Kanye West. Whether you love him or hate him, if you are a music fan you want to see Kanye perform. … Continue reading

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Jay-Z Hit the Stage at SXSW

Jay-Z Monday Night hip hop mogul Jay-Z hit the stage for one of the most anticipated performances at SXSW at the Moody Theater in Austin, TX. His performance was lined with back to back hits. Then again, what song does … Continue reading

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The Mohicans Survive the College Battle of the Bands with Fresh Tunes

For a moment, let’s imagine OutKast and Cee-Lo Green had a musical love child. The product would be The Mohicans. The Mohicans are a group with thought-provoking lyrics, eclectic tunes, and a southern swag. Their words are poetic and it … Continue reading

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Japan’s oh sunshine Breaks Through the Clouds with Mini-Debut

Japanese rock duo (or should I say Japanese+American rock duo) oh sunshine take a page from The Kills but let a little sun shine in on their debut self-titled mini-album, now available for track-by-track purchase on iTunes or full download … Continue reading

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Are We Ready for Another Sex and the City?

We may have another “Sex and the City” on our hands with HBO’s new series “Girls” which was picked up from newcomer Lena Dunham. This group of single girlfriends living in New York is, though, as Deadline notes, a younger … Continue reading

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