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Emma, Is That YOU On the Cover of GQ?!

  Officially, GQ stands for “Gentleman’s Quarterly.” Non officially? It stands for “Got QTs,” because, let’s face it, whoever graces the magazine’s cover each month…well…they ain’t ugly.

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Why You Should Heart “Hart of Dixie”

  “Hart of Dixie” is a comedy-drama unlike others. It’s a doctor show but doesn’t make you feel like you are drowning in jargon because only two of the main characters are actually doctors. It follows Zoe Hart(Rachel Bilson), who … Continue reading

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If the Shoe Fits: A Wallet-Friendly Guide to Summer’s Hottest Footwear

It is a well-known fact that Sarah Jessica Parker’s character on “Sex and the City,” Carrie Bradshaw, had an affection for, or perhaps more fittingly, obsession, with shoes. It is often said that a woman’s choice of shoe can make … Continue reading

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Mixin’ It Up! Using Textures and Patterns to Make Your Wardrobe Pop

Some things seem like an odd pairing. For example, there’s sweet and sour sauce or salty and sweet popcorn. But contrary to how it sounds, it definitely looks and tastes good. Well, think of  textures and patterns as one of … Continue reading

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Flaunting Your Petal Power

Are you ready to look in full bloom with this season’s hottest trend, sprouting up on every runway from jackets and pants to skirts and dresses? While certainly not for wallflowers, floral prints can seem a little daunting at first. … Continue reading

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Rachel Bilson Talks Health, Style and Charity in Women’s Health

Rachel Bilson is on the December 2011 cover of  Women’s Health Magazine South Africa. The former OC-star talks about life, fitness, fashion, and turning 30. Bilson is the currently star of Hart of Dixie on the CW network and managing … Continue reading

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Rachel Bilson to Design Shoes

Rachel Bilson is the latest celebrity to have their own products on Beachmint, the main site that controls several member-only websites.  Bilson’s new site will be called Shoemint, and there she will create shoes to be sold for $79.99. When … Continue reading

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The Return of Rachel Bilson: Hart of Dixie

With the start of fall, we anticipate a lot of things, including back-to-school shopping, new classes, old friends, new experiences, and the return of Fall TV. With a whole summer of re-runs and a few summer shows behind us, many … Continue reading

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Look Fresh in White Denim

White denim is attracting widespread interest amongst the stylish set and quickly becoming a fashion sensation that’s a must-have for your closet if you’re looking for a bit of refreshment. It’s one of the freshest and most laid back looks … Continue reading

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Rachel Bilson Does Denim Everything

Denim is a stylish staple that we all have in our closets, whether it’s jeans, shorts, jackets, skirts, etc.  Whatever it is, we all have our favorite denim pieces. This season, denim has opened its range to everything, we are … Continue reading

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