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Beyonce and Jay-Z in Hot Water Over Trip to Cuba

  Looks like Beyonce has reached a snag in her “Bow Down, b*****s” plan. A snag courtesy of the United Sates Government. A seemingly innocent anniversary trip to Cuba ended up in a “kerfuffle”, as some call it (I wasn’t … Continue reading

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Starbucks Gets Political

    When we think of coffee, we think of energy. We think of morning discussions and workloads. But, we are usually the ones who provide  the content; we provide the words. This week, Starbucks coffee company exercised their right of freedom of speech and creativity when … Continue reading

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Vote Roseanne: She’ll Save the World

When news hit that self-proclaimed domestic goddess Roseanne Barr was taking very real steps towards running for president, it was met with expected cynicism: Her last notable attempt at publicly addressing the nation didn’t exactly bode well.

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Michele Bachmann Demands Penance!

During Monday’s episode of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, the show’s band-in-residence, The Roots, caused a stir by contributing a little bit of political subtext to Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann’s introduction. As she walked onstage, the band played a … Continue reading

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President Obama Joins Tumblr

It’s about time for another election; another year awaits us with smear ads, family debates and cardboard signs in every driveway in America. While the Republican candidates participate in an entertaining-but-unnecessary game of “Who’s Least Crazy,” President Obama is sitting … Continue reading

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