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Kimye Takes NYC!

  If anyone thought a little pregnancy would stop Kim from traveling, you’re obviously unable to stay on pace with this drama-seeking reality star. After having been apart from her boyfriend, Kanye West, who has been living and working in … Continue reading

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Marie-Hélène de Taillac Arrives in New York City

  People say accessories are what make an outfit. With my stacks of bracelets, layers of necklaces and cluster of rings, I couldn’t agree more. My love for jewelry is jus one of the reasons why I am so excited … Continue reading

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Save Time, Shop Online!

  Living and attending school in New York City, I grew up accustomed to passing by my favorite clothing stores on the regular. I didn’t always buy something, but i often would stop, look and acknowledge. Now that I attend … Continue reading

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No More Fashion’s Night Out?

  I don’t know about you, but Fashion’s Night Out was one of my favorite nights of the year.  I mean, really, who wouldn’t like having an excuse to drink free cocktails and spend an evening enjoying the season’s latest trends, all … Continue reading

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HONY and DKNY Tied Together in a Copyright Scandal

  When I logged onto twitter this afternoon, my account was flooded with apologies from DKNY geared towards HONY photographer and founder, Brandon Stanton. The need for apologies was caused by an incident that occurred earlier today. It was revealed … Continue reading

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Comptoir des Cotonniers Introduces Collaboration with New Designer

Flickr (nandopereira)  Calla Haynes is a designer that may not be well known among the general public, but within the fashion industry, she is a superstar. Known for her luxurious yet simple creations, Haynes was born in Toronto but has … Continue reading

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Layers and Statement Pieces Seen on NYC Streets

  What does a skate boarder, a store manager, and a subway passenger  have in common? New York street style of course! As the weekend approaches New Yorkers stepped out in their most casual attire.

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Disconnected, or Facilitated, by Food-Ordering Apps?

Last night, a sudden undeniable urge for food swept my stomach, and mind. It was 2:59 A.M. on a weekday; the urge was so great I convinced myself that without feeding my now moaning stomach, I wouldn’t be able to … Continue reading

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Kate Middleton’s Cousin Gets Down and Dirty

Prince William might be the only man who gets to see Duchess of Cambridge naked, but if you’re looking for the next (best?) thing, you’ll be able to find it in New York City this week.

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Lil Wayne Debuts New Clothing Line, Truckfit

Now skate and music fans alike can all have a piece of Lil Wayne thanks to the debut of his new clothing line, Trukfit, which is said to stand for “The Reason You Kill For It.” And catch this, his … Continue reading

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