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Rapper and Hip-Hop Artist Hoodie Allen Keeps it Real

  The opening track of rapper Hoodie Allen‘s mixtape, Crew Cuts, begins with the aptly titled “Let Me Be Me,” a song that sees the 24-year-old ex-Google employee and Ivy League graduate rapping about what makes him, well, himself. A … Continue reading

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JoJo is Back! Maybe…

2004, the year of Million Dollar Baby, the Janet Jackson Superbowl blunder, and Bush beating Kerry in the presidential election. But in the music world, one song, with it’s catchy chorus, and relatable lyrics completely took over. “Leave (Get Out)” by … Continue reading

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DJ Finesse Shines Despite Mashonda’s Lyrical Disaster.

Hip Hop and R&B artist Mashonda leaked a mixtape featuring mixing from DJ Finesse.  The 31-year old has one studio album, which came out back in 2005.  A second full length was supposed to debut in late 2009, but her … Continue reading

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Asher Roth Signs to Def Jam

According to Shawn Pecas, the Vice President of Lifestyle, Promotion and Marketing for Island Def Jam, Asher Roth is now a member of the Def Jam family. Roth is best known for his song “I Love College.” The deal was … Continue reading

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Jhene Aiko: Sailing Towards Success Without Selling Herself

Jhene Aiko (pronounced Juh-Nay Ahh-ee-ko) is an up-and-coming singer/songwriter with a voice to be heard. With her clever metaphors, distinctive voice, and beautiful persona, the mainstream music industry should give this woman a legit record deal, as long as she … Continue reading

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Bob Dylan’s Grandson is a Rapper

Pablo Dylan is entering the family business—but not in the way that you would expect. Instead of following in his grandfather Bob Dylan’s rock and folk footsteps, or of his uncle Jakob’s (Jakob Dylan is the front man of the … Continue reading

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J. Cole Talks About His New Album

Besides Kid Cudi, Drake and a few others, most rappers choose to rap about the same old: money, cars, clothes, etc. But when Jermaine “J. Cole” was signed to Roc Nation, it seemed like Hip-Hop got a breath fresh air.

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Rapper Pusha-T Hits Us With a Different Style of Hip-Hop

It seems as though it often takes an artist some time to find a place within the Hip-Hop community. Taking time to try to establish themselves, many artists jump from place to place and lose valuable time creating music. Unlike … Continue reading

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