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Remembering Margaret Thatcher’s Style: From Pearls to Pussy Bows

  “I may be persuaded to surrender the hat…The pearls, however, are absolutely non-negotiable,” Meryl streep had uttered in “The Iron Lady” playing the British politician on screen.

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5 Accessory Trends to Wear This Month

  With the beginning of NYFW, it’s certain, the fashion month has officially started.  But with temperatures still remaining very low, one cannot be sporting the sheer tops and Bermuda shorts trends from spring. Instead, the weather is calling for … Continue reading

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Bria Condon, the New Face of Louis Vuitton

According to the LVMH financial report, in the past year, Louis Vuitton corporations recorded a revenue of 19.9 billion euros. This highly regarded company is one that is known across the globe with stores located on every one of the … Continue reading

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Geometric Shapes Take Over Louis Vuitton at Paris Fashion Week

Through all of the high fashion and celebrity filled streets of Paris, comes a fresh new take on your view of right angles. After last years train scene you might have thought to your self how can you top this? … Continue reading

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GOT DOT?: Kusama leads Fall ’12 Fashion Trends

Are you a perpetual trendsetter? Then you’d already be interested in the collections surrounding next year’s springtime. But since Apple hasn’t mastered time-travel yet, we still have to get through this FALL season, which truthfully, should be an exciting time … Continue reading

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Michael Phelps for Louis Vuitton

Remember when Michael Phelps ranked second on our list of olympic athletes who could double as runway models? Well, now that the Olympics are over, it looks like our predictions came true. 

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Spot On! Louis Vuitton Set to Launch New Collection

No need to worry if you’re suddenly seeing spots. Louis Vuitton‘s Creative Director Marc Jacobs has announced his recent collaboration with avant-garde and polka dot-crazed artist, Yayoi Kusama. The 83-year-old Japanese artist is recognized for her distinct polka dot patterns … Continue reading

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Muhammad Ali and Grandson Pose for Louis Vuitton Ad

Boxing legend and activist Muhammed Ali is the latest celebrity to join Louis Vuitton’s “Core Values” campaign. Other celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Buzz Aldrin were previously featured in the Louis Vuitton “Core Value” campaign. 

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Nominations Recognizing Our Fashion Gods Are In

Awards Season may not be over just yet. The nominees and honorees for the 2012 Council of Fashion Designers Awards (CFDA) ceremony were announced on Wednesday night to a few surprises.

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Paris Fashion Week Showcases Amazing Looks For Fall 2012/2013

Paris Fashion Week is over. (sobs hysterically) For the past week, bloggers, editors and fashion enthusiasts have been blowing up the blogosphere with pics and videos from all the major shows.

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