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Azealia Banks is Beefing With No Album Out!

  Uh oh, mermaid fight! As usual, Azealia Banks is starting beef on Twitter, but this time, she’s calling pop culture icon Lady Gaga out.

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Lady Gaga’s “Applause” Doesn’t Seem Worthy Of One

  Hopeful fans around the world have been anticipating this very moment when Mother Monster would appear to them in a golden aura with promises of salvation from evil – or you know, Justin Timberlake tracks. In response to tha,t … Continue reading

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Fingers Crossed: “Feel It” Could Be Lady GaGa’s Next Single

  We little Monsters have been quite patient with Lady Gaga’s respite from music since her release of Born This Way back in 2011. But at last we finally have another sneak peek of what could appear on Mother Monster’s … Continue reading

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Post-Surgery, Lady Gaga Still Has Her Platforms on

  Don’t expect Lady Gaga to let a little surgery stop her from wearing sky-high platform boots. This trendy diva is taking her recover step by step – in the literal sense of the word. Even as she continues to … Continue reading

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Perfect Interview Outfits

  Have you ever had a job interview or an important meeting and in the process of getting ready you completely destroyed your closet trying to find the perfect outfit? Then, after all the chaos, you settled for a boring pair … Continue reading

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Nicola Formichetti Goes High Street

  Denim brand Diesel is all set for a new look as Tokyo born designer, Nicola Formichetti takes the position of brand’s new artistic designer after quitting Mugler just two days back. WWD reported that Formichetti will be responsible for … Continue reading

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Stars Who Went To High School Together

You know those girls you just couldn’t wait to watch trip on stage when receiving their high school diploma at graduation? We all had some “frienemies” growing up and if I know one thing is true: success is the biggest … Continue reading

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Lady Gaga Set To Marry The Night Mr. Right?

Mother Monster has found her match. A bona fide pop daddy with whom to rule over her misfit masses. A king to counter her self-proclaimed “queen of the universe” status. And guys – he’s hot.

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Blue Hair, The New ‘It’ Trend?

I have a blue house with a blue window. Blue is the color of Miley’s new hair. Blue are the streets and all the trees are too. I have a girlfriend and she is so…. Wait, what is the word … Continue reading

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February Pop Culture Rewind

  Like Jennifer Hudson tearing it down at the Oscars, January 2013 was a tough act to follow. We had break-ups, we had make-ups, we had shotgun weddings and just plain old shenanigans. January was important because it set the … Continue reading

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