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Royalty in the United Kingdom Leaves America Breathless

  Release the corgis! It’s a prince! The newborn baby boy is the new addition to the royal family of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. Despite the fact that Middleton’s pregnancy limbo’d under the paparazzi radar … Continue reading

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Issa London Soon to be at Banana Republic

  When duchess Kate Middleton first announced her engagement to Prince William, all the while showing off her gorgeous blue dress made by designer Issa London, the world went wild. Since then, Issa London has been a name everyone is … Continue reading

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Prabal Gurung Introduces Spring At Target

Finally about time that Target brings in another designer! One that is reasonably priced, thank you very much. It was only a matter of time when the recent Neiman Marcus collaboration fell apart.

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Miss Vogue’s British Debut

  I am not sure I can pinpoint the exact moment I fell in love with fashion, but I know it definitely started when I was young. I remember buying my first issue of American Vogue, and then later subscribing … Continue reading

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Trump Slams Kate Middleton about Picture Scandal

  Donald Trump,  reality star, CEO, and owner of the Miss Universe Organization is no stranger to controversy. The Dailymail shares his opinion on the the Kate Middleton picture scandal, where Kate was photographed topless while relaxing in the sun with royal … Continue reading

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The Sounds of the 2012 Opening Ceremonies

As the world watched the opening ceremonies of the London 2012 Olympics, and did comparisons to China’s ’08 spectacular before that Voldemort got a chance to rise, one could not help but be captivated by the cheeky nature of the … Continue reading

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The Power of Peplum: Femininity in the Workplace

Ah, office attire. It often conjures thoughts of boring pantsuits and monotonous ensembles, but not anymore! Spice up your work wardrobe with one of the season’s hottest trends: peplum. This subtle bit of fabric adds flounce and flare to your … Continue reading

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Prince William: I Want to Have Children

It seems that a game of guessing mum’s tummy size is in the near future for Prince William and Kate Middleton.  During an interview with ABC’s Katie Couric for The Jubilee Queen special, the Duke of Cambridge said that starting … Continue reading

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Nautical and Nice

What better way to celebrate vacations and summer getaways than through nautical-inspired clothing? It’s really simple to tap into your inner sailor (just try not to look like Popeye or Gilligan). All you need are a few basic staples to … Continue reading

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Kate Middleton’s Cousin Gets Down and Dirty

Prince William might be the only man who gets to see Duchess of Cambridge naked, but if you’re looking for the next (best?) thing, you’ll be able to find it in New York City this week.

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