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Sexy Celebs Who “Hate Working Out”

  Jessica Alba is the latest to induct herself into the club of celebs who have stellar bods but hate having to work for them. Shh… you hear that, you guys? That’s the sound of universal praise. It’s good to … Continue reading

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Cutest Celeb Kids

  Having a baby in tinsletown these days basically bumps you up from the B list to the A list. So many people are pregnant right now; Princess Kate, Kim Kardashian, Halle Berry, and Jenna Dewan-Tatum to name a few, … Continue reading

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Ryan Gosling Deemed Most Sexually Desirable by Details Magazine

  It’s official then. Details Magazine took it upon themselves recently to quantify sexiness in a way that has never been thought of before. World, I’d like to officially introduce you to Mr. and Mrs. “Most F*ckable” Celebrities Alive – … Continue reading

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Velvet’s Hot This Season!

After the 50s, 70s and the much influential 90s, velvet is going through a renaissance. While on one hand it invokes feelings of schoolgirl with hair bows and Christmas Carol on Broadway, it channels seventeenth century grandeur as well. But … Continue reading

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Stars Come Out for Couture Week

  The runways at couture week in Paris may be heating up, but the cold winter weather has brought snow and lots of layers as the attendees awe over couture’s latest looks. The streets of Paris were filled with a … Continue reading

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Golden Globes Fashion: Hits and Misses

  The awards season is finally here, and it is tradition to judge the attendees based on attire. This year, many went with a minimalist look. While most women pulled off their dresses stunningly, there were a select few that … Continue reading

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Gender Bender: Menswear-Inspired Style

Boys will be boys and girls will be girls. But occasionally, we like to borrow styles from each other.

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Neon: The New Black

With spring teasing its way in, the winter jackets have been put away and the dresses and rompers are coming out. So, what colors are must-haves this spring? Well, anything bright. Neons are back from the 80′s but with much … Continue reading

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Machete Sequel in the Works

The (kind of) popular grindhouse seriesĀ Machete, from director Robert Rodriguez, will be back in theaters soon. The first film in the series, released in Summer 2010, made a lofty promise that it would be followed by two equally gruesome follow … Continue reading

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Ladies & Gents, Color Blocking is Still On the Rise

Fashion trends from 2011 are rolling over into 2012! If you’ve been living in some dull dimension for the past year, or you just never got the chance to experience color blocking back in 2011, think of this as your … Continue reading

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