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Happy Dance for Pants

  It’s official. Women are legally allowed to wear pants in Paris. You might be wondering since when could women not wear pants? A law passed in 1800′s had banned pants wearing by women until now. All thanks to Mrs. … Continue reading

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Denim Spa Jeans, Taking Fashion to The Next Level

  On January 28, denim will be taken to a new level. Wrangler will launch the first ever line of moisturizing jeans available in three finishes, Aloe Vera, Olive Oil Extract and Smooth legs whose purpose is to hydrate and … Continue reading

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Collegiate Fashion Guide: Top 5 Must-Have Items for Fall

Though the end of summer is inevitably a depressing time, the beginning of fall should quell any seasonal-induced depression: Fall foliage, pumpkin-spiced lattes, and most importantly, fall fashion. I’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 Must-Have Items every college … Continue reading

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Are Your Jeans Sexist?!

Yes, that’s right, I actually had to ask, because if your favorite pair jeans are from a British designer or retailer, they actually could be! As seen on The Cut, the image above is an actual care label on a … Continue reading

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Kate Middleton Criticized for Wearing Jeans

Kate Middleton is being criticized for wearing a sweater and jeans to what NyMag calls an impromptu visit to a school in London. The article says that children were left baffled and very confused, thinking that she was not the … Continue reading

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GAP Puts A Stylish Spin On Fall Pieces

Not only is legendary American retailer GAP holding extravagant sales this season, but the brand has put a stylish, unexpected spin on classics like skinny jeans and more.

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Turn Your Most Used Into Your Most Fashionable

Do you have that one (or even several) item that you just love and always want to wear? Are you afraid others will start noticing the same outfit? Well people, I am here to take the stress away as we … Continue reading

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Marc by Marc Jacobs Launches a Fall Denim Collection

With temperatures soaring high, we normally think about how to accessorize our wardrobe for the heat. However, it looks like the fashion industry has already planned the whole year ahead! With the fall campaigns concluding this month and the fall/winter … Continue reading

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Blue Is No Longer the Only Color for Jeans

A girl can never have enough jeans in her closet. But most likely, if you were to look in that closet, you would only see blue jeans, maybe a few black jeans, and since it is Spring/Summer season, a pair … Continue reading

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The Jegging Fashion Takeover

Jeggings, the seemingly perfect hybrid of leggings and jeans, have managed to orchestrate a successful takeover in the fashion world these days.  It would be a rare day to walk down the street and not spot some one sporting this … Continue reading

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