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Exciting New Roles For Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe!

    It’s been two years since the Harry Potter franchise ended (jeez…doesn’t that make you feel old), and Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe have worked their magic, leading very successful acting careers post-Harry.

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“The Scariest Thing I’ve Ever Seen”

This was not a good weekend for sleep. Millions of people headed home to find quiet apartments, filled only with the possibility of malicious spirits and blank-eyed witches lurking in the shadows and the crawlspaces. For hours, these people (myself … Continue reading

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Oh, the Horror: Lindsay Lohan Lobbies for Carrie

Horror-movie enthusiasts may find themselves screaming for all the wrong reasons if Lindsay Lohan gets her way. The much-maligned actress  – who’s incidentally done very little acting as of late – has expressed interest in playing the title role in the not-yet-confirmed … Continue reading

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The Coen Brothers Make a Horror Movie

The Coen brothers (the duo who most recently directed the Oscar-nominated western True Grit) and the horror genre…Could it be a good fit? In a recent interview with Empire magazine, Ethan Coen dropped a hint about working on a script … Continue reading

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