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Minor Style Details That Can Make or Break Your Look

  With spring here and summer on its way, its time to ditch the comfy winter sweats and for this season’s hottest trends. Although you may have all spring 2013 must-have pieces, if you do not pay attention to style … Continue reading

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Are the 80s Making a Come Back?

Carrie Bradshaw was once the most fashion forward woman on television, can a visit to her younger self uptake the challenge? As the Carrie Diaries made it’s first fashion statement with the heroine paint splattering her bag, it told viewers the 80′s … Continue reading

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Gabby Douglas Hires Hairstylist to the Stars, Ted Gibson

After going under fire about her hair maintenance, Olympic gold medalist, Gabby Douglas, has hired A-list hairstylist Ted Gibson. Gibson, who you may recognize from TLC’s What Not To Wear, has tended to the locks of Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway, … Continue reading

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Gabby Douglas Not Fazed By Hair Critics

Since when does having two gold Olympic medals on your resume not silence haters? Judging by the comments coming from some 2012 Olympic viewers about Gabby Douglas’ hair, it never did. Nevertheless, Gabby  holds her head high, completely unaffected by … Continue reading

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Should Your Hair Go Light or Dark For The Summer

With summer around the corner, many of you season-to-season hair dyers might be looking for a new look. Whether you plan on going light like Taylor Swift or dark like Kim Kardashian, there are some tips you should consider to … Continue reading

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Amanda Seyfried: Classic Beauty

Amanda Seyfried doesn’t wear a lot of makeup, but she can’t live without red lipstick. “It’s the only makeup I’ll wear when I’m not working,” according to the November 2011 issue of Marie Claire. She’s a fan of neutral tones … Continue reading

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A Celebration of Heritage: Black Barbie Undergoes Hair Transformation

  About 40 African-American Barbie dolls are being transformed into realistic interpretations of African-American women – meaning, they are finally being made with textured hair. Barbie has been around since 1959 and comes in 50 various nationalities, but rarely has … Continue reading

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Lady Gaga Crowned “Most Vulgar Artist” by Chinese

Everyone knows Lady Gaga is, well, a little gaga, but that’s why we love her. China’s Ministry of Culture however, does not agree and has banned several of the singers hits. The list also includes stars like Katy Perry, Beyoncé … Continue reading

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Newest Lady Gaga Single “Hair” Hits the Circuit

It feels as if Lady Gaga has been releasing a steady stream of singles since the announcement of her new album, Born This Way. The latest in a line-up that includes her title track “Born This Way,” “Judas”  and “The … Continue reading

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Jennifer Lopez Dresses Her Tresses on American Idol

Jennifer Lopez has brought a new sense of glamour to American Idol this season. She always looks gorgeous and her fashion sense is impeccable. But Jenny From the Block has been showing off some hair accessories lately that prove girlfriend … Continue reading

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