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Google Launches Cable TV?

Apparently, this rumor is so true. Google is moving beyond Android, its software business, and is delving into the cable television trade. In hindsight, this business venture shouldn’t be totally unexpected from a company that’s gone from a mere search … Continue reading

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Arizona Man Arrested for Holding Religious Services in his Home

Michael Salman, a man living in the city of Phoenix, Arizona, is facing two months of jail time and a $12,000 fine for holding a weekly religious service at his home. But chief Assistant City Prosecutor Vicki Hill denies any … Continue reading

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Fox News Criticizes Chris Brown After “Today Show” Performance

Remember when Chris Crocker, YouTube celebrity, made a video titled “Leave Britney Alone”? Well I’d like to be the person to make, “Leave Chris Brown Alone.” Singer and song-writer Chris Brown is making headlines after breaking a record on “The … Continue reading

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James Cameron Creating Two New Avatar Films

James Cameron is at it again. He is currently writing two new movies, “Avatar 2” and “Avatar 3”. But don’t worry, Cameron isn’t going to be one of those directors who just runs an idea into the ground, as he … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly Face Off Over Common Coverage

And the Common controversy continues…kinda.  After Jon Stewart defended rapper and poet Common on The Daily Show last week, mostly by pointing out the needless hate-mongering of the Fox News “reporters” at the forefront of the scandal, Bill O’Reilly (aka … Continue reading

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Obama Roasts Donald Trump at White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Stunningly, while Obama was fully aware of the impending Bin Laden mission, the President was still able to crack a smile or two at Donald Trump’s expense this weekend.

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Lady Gaga’s New Easter-Time Single: “Judas”

Released just before the weekend, Gaga’s new single, “Judas,” came pre-packaged with controversy of the religious variety.  This is, after all, Holy Week. Yes, in the days that proceed Easter, whilst born-agains celebrate the death and rebirth of Jesus, fans … Continue reading

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“Saturday With Jenna”: An Identity Crisis?

In many societies, it is typical to categorize children into specific gender roles. From birth, one is either a boy or a girl, and anything in between is usually seen as abnormal. This is exactly the case over a recent … Continue reading

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Lea Michele Bares It All (Again) on Cosmo’s March Cover

Lea Michele is making headlines again for her Cosmopolitan March cover shoot. The Glee lead actress wears a dress with a wide, plunging neckline. Fox News quotes a mother saying her 13-year-old son is “confused and offended” by Michele’s provocative … Continue reading

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