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Listen to Jay Z’s “100$ Bill” for The Great Gatsby Soundtrack

  The king of rap opulence, Jay-Z, seems like a no-brainer addition to the star-studded soundtrack for the recent cinematic adaption of The Great Gatsby. NPR unveiled the complete soundtrack for streaming on its website this week, and Jay Z’s contribution, “100$ Bill,” opens … Continue reading

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Listen to Lana Del Rey’s “Young & Beautiful” for The Great Gatsby Soundtrack

  Despite the many criticisms made against Lana Del Rey, there’s no denying that she’s the queen of crafting cinematic soundscapes. Her songs tend to sweep listeners into a lush world full of drunken whiskey-fuelled nights, bad boys and melodramatic romance.

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Opening Ceremony Collaborates with “Spring Breakers” in a New Clothing Line

    Spring break is one of the most anticipated holidays around for high school and college students. After long weeks of winter dreariness and studious studying; spring break is the first sign of warmer weather and the chance in … Continue reading

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Ryan Gosling Casts Girlfriend Eva Mendes In His Directorial Debut

In 2011, the hearts of womankind unanimously broke when we heard news that the world’s perfect man, Ryan Gosling, had a new leading lady in his life.

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“Spring Breakers” Trailer is Here, and It’s Epic

    On Thursday, the first complete trailer for Harmony Korine’s racy new party flick “Spring Breakers” was finally released, and it’s literally everything I’ve ever wanted (trust me, there’s a whole lot of “everything” in this clip).

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Is Emma Watson Breaking Away From Role Model Status?

  When discussing superior role models in fiction, several obvious names come to mind: Buffy Summers, Han Solo (another popular choice also from the science fiction genre), and basically anyone who happens to deviate significantly away from Twilight‘s Bella Swan’s … Continue reading

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The Great Gatsby 1920s Flair

The trailer was released a few weeks ago for The Great Gatsby, which hits theaters on December 25. Many fans of the 1974 rendition of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel are curious to see if Leonarda DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire can … Continue reading

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Jay and Silent Bob Get Old, Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

The famous (infamous?) pot dealing do-nothings known for roles in films like Clerks, and Chasing Amy are coming totally live to your local movie parlor. On February 9th, the duos real life actors and longtime friends, Kevin Smith as Silent … Continue reading

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Kat Dennings Ain’t Broke

You may know her as “that girl in the indie films,” or “the often-disgruntled girl,” but starlet Kat Dennings is at long last emerging as one of 2011′s most promising actresses. The 25-year-old is no spring chicken when it comes … Continue reading

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Jeffrey Tambor Confirms Arrested Development Movie

Ever since the cult-comedy series Arrested Development was canceled in 2006 and it was announced that it would not be returning to the small-screen, rumors have been swirling about whether a film revival might be in consideration.

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