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Boston Bomb Victims Get Surprise Visitors

  Monday, April 15th was Patriots’ Day in the great state of Massachusetts. Patriots’ Day occurs every third Monday in April and includes a variety of celebratory activities. The Red Sox always play a home game and thousands of people … Continue reading

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Sammy Adams Collapses on Stage

  What is going on with all these rappers having seizures? The latest incident was when up and coming rapper, Sammy Adams, fell to the ground and started shaking… mid performance!

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The World Is Ending, Bradley Cooper Has A Much Younger Girlfriend

Remember that time Bradley Cooper said he couldn’t date Jennifer Lawrence, 22, because he was old enough to be her father? Well now he’s dating someone even younger than Lawrence, leaving me confused and broken-hearted.

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“Work Hahd but Pahty Hahdah” with “Wicked Single”

  Now that the “Jersey Shore” phenomenon has come and gone, it is time for a new group of ridiculous twenty-something party animals to entertain us. New location: Boston.

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Underground Mantra is Something Kinda Smooth

Add two 18-year old musicians from Toms River, New Jersey to some blues, rock, and a sprinkle of hip-hop, and you’ll get Underground Mantra.  Their soulful, smooth vibes make for a music experience unlike most of today’s hits. But who … Continue reading

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Wahlberg Brothers To Open Burger Joint

Mark and Donnie Wahlberg as well as their chef brother, Paul, have teamed up to open a new restaurant in Boston. The best part of this announcement? The burger joint will be named “Wahlburgers.”

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Artists on the Rise: “Karmin” is Boston’s Duo Sensation

Many get their five minutes of fame by uploading their funny rap/singing videos to YouTube. Imitating their favorite rappers or some instances their least favorite, many have become Internet phenomenons. Though, few do not get further than the internet with their … Continue reading

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Amber Fernandez is Salem’s Rising Star

For 17 year old, Amber Fernandez it could be perceived that her life is as normal as every other teenager in Salem, MA. Get up every day at 6:00 AM for school, skip gym class to hang out with friends, … Continue reading

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Rockers Rage Against Anti-Union Bill in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin protesters fighting for unions’ right to collective bargaining are not alone: Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine joined the protesters on Monday, providing a soundtrack to the discord, accompanied by Wayne Kramer of the MC5 and Boston’s … Continue reading

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