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Breaking Bad Marks New Mexico History

  Even though Breaking Bad is about to end forever, it’s legacy will continue on with the new New Mexico law. 

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Google Launches Cable TV?

Apparently, this rumor is so true. Google is moving beyond Android, its software business, and is delving into the cable television trade. In hindsight, this business venture shouldn’t be totally unexpected from a company that’s gone from a mere search … Continue reading

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What’s Eating Mad Men’s Betty

Mad Men is back! Contract negotiations and scheduling conflicts have kept the show off AMC for close to two years, yet fans will not be deterred. Season five has been generating just as much buzz. Thus far the theme has been forward … Continue reading

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Can The Secret Circle Bewitch America?

2010 was the year of the vampire. But in 2011, these blood-craving critters sucked even more blood out of their rivals and continued to dominate television (True Blood, Vampire Diaries) and the box office (The Twilight Saga). Major networks definitely … Continue reading

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Banana Republic to Launch Mad Men Inspired Collection

The cast of AMC’s Emmy-winning television series “Mad Men” has long been praised for their costume design, with actresses donning sixties-esque form-fitting dresses and the dapper men in well-tailored suits. Those wishing to emanate this flashback style can now turn … Continue reading

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The “Skinny” On Sofia Vergara’s New Pepsi Ad

Pepsi has recently released its new advertisement for its Diet Pepsi Skinny Can, featuring the beautiful Colombian actress Sofia Vergara (Entourage, Modern Family). While she looks flawless in the ad (seen right), there are a few things that have been … Continue reading

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