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Amanda Seyfried Mistaken for Lindsay Lohan

  Amanda Seyfried isn’t often compared to Lindsay Lohan, because there isn’t anything to compare. Amanda is the one in the award-worthy Les Miserables, and Lindsay is the one miserably involved in never-ending court-ordered rehab and Charlie Sheen. Though their success … Continue reading

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Leighton Meester Releases Your Lies Are Truth

  In amidst of her some-what recent blossoming relationship with the one and only Adam Brody, and the not-so-recent shedding of her alter-ego as Blair Waldorf, there hasn’t been much buzz as to what Leighton Meester is up to now. … Continue reading

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Pantsuits: A Girl’s Best Friend

  Nothing says I am a powerful, independent woman like a slim-fitting pantsuit. I am probably in good company when I say that I have been weary of rocking a bold pantsuit like Kristen Stewart or Amanda Seyfried because I was … Continue reading

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Amanda Seyfried’s Secret: Alcohol

  Amanda Seyfried is one talented gal. Not only can she act and sing, but she can also rap, and she’s pretty good at it too. What’s her secret?

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Les Miserables: Will the Dream Live On?

This week, the first trailer for the film adaption of award-winning musical Les Miserables came out.

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Amanda Seyfried: Classic Beauty

Amanda Seyfried doesn’t wear a lot of makeup, but she can’t live without red lipstick. “It’s the only makeup I’ll wear when I’m not working,” according to the November 2011 issue of Marie Claire. She’s a fan of neutral tones … Continue reading

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Independent Films to Look Out For This Year

2012 is definitely going to be a year filled with record-breaking movies that will overload the box office with revenue, especially since it will see the release of films such as The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spiderman and Men … Continue reading

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Best and Worst Magazine Cover Stars of 2011

Now that January 2012 magazines have started to come out, WWD has released its annual report of 2011’s best and worst selling covers. Some people are just born to sell magazines (Sarah Jessica Parker) while other people (Justin Bieber) should … Continue reading

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Amanda Seyfried Poses For Glamour UK

Lately, so many celebrities have been doing the international magazine cover thing. First Kelly Rowland, now the Dear John actress, Amanda Seyfried. Seyfried is on the November 2011 cover of Glamour UK. With her piercing blue-gray eyes, blonde locks, and … Continue reading

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Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried Pose for W October Issue

On the October 2011 cover of “W” magazine, Justin Timberlake, known for bringing Sexy Back, and Amanda Seyfried, the ditziest ‘Plastic’ in Mean Girls, emanate both poise and etiquette. The duo are portraying a powerful, trendsetting, political couple, with Timberlake … Continue reading

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