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Aaliyah to Rise From the Dead For New Chris Brown Track

  Hip-hop and R&B junkies unite! Chris Brown has channeled the spirit of late R&B princess Aaliyah for his upcoming track “They Don’t Know.”

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Drake to Produce New Aaliyah Album

On August 25, 2001, R&B songstress, Aaliyah died after a twin-engine plane she was on crashed in the Bahamas. Her makeup artist, label rep, pilot, and other passengers abroad the plane were killed as well. Though her career was cut … Continue reading

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Drake to Executive Produce Aaliyah’s Next Album

Drake has always made it pretty clear that Aaliyah was an extremely large influence to his music career. Between featuring Aaliyah on his single, “Unforgettable,” and tattooing a photo of her on his back, Drake has never had the fear … Continue reading

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Dave Barz: CT’s Best Rapper Drops New Album

Dave Barz has a true loyalty to rapping and the music that he has created. Growing up in Bridgeport, CT, some people would assume that rapping would be the last thing Barz would do. But his rhyming skills are major … Continue reading

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Truly One In a Million: A Tribute to Aaliyah

Ten years have gone by since Aaliyah was taken away, but the time passed has not shed off the inspiration that she left behind. Influencing artists from Beyonce to Drake, Aaliyah’s music has lived on through the music industry a … Continue reading

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The Mystery of The Weeknd: House of Balloons Tears Through the Web with Its “PBR&B”

The Weeknd remains a mystery, despite the surge of interest in the neo-R&B outfit’s free mixtape, House of Balloons, since it dropped on March 20th.  Although various publications have pieced together a possible membership for the band, the only thing … Continue reading

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