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Don’t Worry Ladies, Matt Lanter’s Not Going Anywhere!

  Many eyes have been crying tears of sadness as “90210” has come to an end. Some tears because of the show… some tears because we won’t get to see Matt Lanter anymore. But wait, Lanter Lovers, we will see … Continue reading

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Good-Bye 90210

For any TV show junkie, some of the worst news you can encounter is the cancellation of your favorite TV show, especially if you didn’t see it coming. Last Thursday, the CW network announced that it is pulling the plug … Continue reading

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Robbie Jones and Keke Palmer to Join 90210

Keke Palmer, known for her role on the late Nicklodeon sitcom True Jackson, VP, is joining CW’s hit 90210 for the later half of the current season. She is set to play Elizabeth, sister of Naomi’s new love interest, Jordan, played … Continue reading

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Ryan Lochte to Appear on 90210

The olympics may be over, but that doesn’t mean the olympic athletes will be fading out of the spotlight just yet. Many of the US athletes have been keeping busy with various new ad campaigns, endorsement deals, and appearing on … Continue reading

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Carly Rae Jepsen Headed to 90210

Carly Rae Jepsen may be responsible for the infectious song, “Call Me Maybe,” but the singer may have some acting talents hidden up her sleeve. The Canadian songstress has confirmed her acting debut on the season 5 premiere of the … Continue reading

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In Living Color Reborn: Fox Revives Sketch Comedy Classic

Iconic 90s sketch comedy series, In Living Color, will return to boob tubes nationwide next Spring. On an introductory basis, anyway. Resuming where it debuted, Fox will air two half-hour specials of the remake — presumably to assess viewer interest — with … Continue reading

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Shannen Doherty Featured in Education Connection Ad

You know you’ve seen them. They lurk between segments of Jersey Shore re-runs, striking when you’re most vulnerable – hopelessly bored and sleep-deprived. The Education Connection ads assault us with their catchy jingles sung by waitresses and corn-dog peddlers who … Continue reading

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Dude Looks Like A (Smoking Hot) Lady: AnnaLynne McCord Rocks Menswear

While the red carpet is usually filled with chiffon dresses in Hollywood, AnnaLynne McCord definitely knows how to shake things up a bit. The sexy actress has probably the furthest thing from a male’s body, yet she is able to pull off the … Continue reading

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Bebe Releases 90210 Clothing Line

If you’re anything like me, then you love watching The CW on Monday nights, catching up with your favorite set of West Beverly besties and the elite Upper East Siders on 90210 and Gossip Girl, respectively.  Though I love (and … Continue reading

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MTV, UnProtected: Can TV Get You Pregnant?

According to a recent post on Jezebel.com, although the teen pregnancy rate is at an all-time low, one school in Memphis just can’t seem to keep up with the times.  Apparently 90 teenage girls, a fifth of the school’s population, … Continue reading

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