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June 20, 2011  | by: Katherine Polanco


As rapper T.I. continues to serve his 11-month sentence, he’s suiting up to come back to his music career full force.  Although he’s been unable to create much new music behind bars, T.I. promised fans in a letter posted on his website that he will be “releasing a record in the near future (couple of weeks tops) to hold y’all over til I get back in action.”

But being away from the hip hop world has taken a toll on T.I.  In the letter, he said: “I can’t even begin to tell y’all how much being on the outside looking in, having to witness all that’s going on (and not going on) in the game affects me… Not being able to do what I love especially. It’s like a whole other sentence within itself.”

Being away from his music and the ability to make records has fueled his passion, but T.I. still needs help and support from fans to continue throughout his eleven-month sentence.

T.I. writes:

“The separation from my art has definitely sparked an inferno of inspiration that will soon be felt by all…During this time of seclusion I have developed a mind full of thoughts, ideas, plans and strategies of change to incorporate into my professional endeavors, as well as my personal lifestyle.  But none of them is as strong as my determination to conquer my own imperfections and my will to WIN NO MATTER WHAT!!!”

Seems like he’s been thinking about the right things while incarcerated.  Hopefully T.I. and his wife Tiny will stay away from drugs once he’s out of prison.

He ended his letter by saying: “My campaign will continue!!! Stronger, smarter, bigger and better than ever. For those that doubt that…See me when they free me.”

I hope T.I. makes major changes once he’s out of prison because he’s a different breed of rapper that many people enjoy listening to.  He’s real.  I just hope this time out, he’ll smarten up.

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