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September 10, 2013  | by: Paris Close
Instagram (hooligansofmars)

Instagram (hooligansofmars)


Bruno Mars has definitely left a rosy blush on R&B enthusiasts: Having some of the year’s most charming hits like “When I Was Your Man” and “Treasure,” all while touring alongside fellow opening acts, and summer-jammers Ellie Goulding and Miguel.

With all the success under his belt, the singer can gratefully add “Halftime Act at Super Bowl 2014” to his resume. Though, one question emerges: We know Mars will certainly rack in the views, but what about the entertainment?

Was I the only one left with a dumbfounded look after learning that Mars would be the halftime act for one of sport’s most celebrated events of the year? Hopefully not.

Mars can sing his butt off, and dance (a little), but how does he fit into the dynamic of entertaining an entire crowd of rowdy, wiener-eating football fans? Answer: He doesn’t, which is exactly why I am so perplexed by this long shot decision.

The Super Bowl has become a staple event, known more notably for its performers and National Anthem singers than the actual sport of football. Among the throng of iconic legends to graze the AstroTurfed plane are Janet Jackson, Madonna and (although how hard I try) we cannot forget Queen Bey.

Instagram (hooligansofmars)

Instagram (hooligansofmars)


How does an event like this, with its reputation of providing hard-hitting acts depreciate the brand with a slow jam singer like Mars? What about Rihanna? Katy Perry? Hell, I’d even suffer through another Miley Cyrus twerk-tantrum before I bore myself with his piano-playing…

All I know is that Mars better be cookin’ up some darn good ideas. He has over five months to top Beyonce and Madonna’s halftime performances, which is well over enough time. He’d better be throwing out real treasure: doubloons and all. Or he could pay homage to Cyrus and make his dancers wear gorilla costumes…

Are you excited Mars is performing at next year’s Super Bowl? Or are you readying your pillow for a snooze-fest?

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