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June 18, 2013  | by: Kelly Hanelt
Twitter (@lameadolescent)

Twitter (@lameadolescent)


Every summer has a soundtrack. For reasons easily discernible (the sun, the freedom, the enhanced feeling that something marvelous is lingering just out of reach) the season adopts music in a magical manner. People have playlists for all sorts of occasions, sure, but none is so universally beloved the montage labeled “songs of summer ____.” This year is no exception. The radio stations have already declared their unwavering loyalty to Daft Punk and Macklemore, among others. Loyalty to a fault I should say, because after the 95th time listening to “Get Lucky” on one road trip, luck is the last emotion felt. However, since the search for that perfect summer song is never really over, here are 5 contestants vying for your auditory affections. May they serve you well.

Chvrches – “Gun”

Because summer is the season of promise, of new beginnings, of forgetting the pain inflicted during the dark days of winter and overextended patience of spring. Whether it is a conflict of faith, friends, or love, no one enters summer unscathed. Naturally, the first thing to do is shed the negativity, and what better way than with Chvrches subtly aggressive arrangement? “Gun” has the light sound so perfectly suited to a drive to the beach that your friends will never notice the biting lyrics giving you catharsis with every replay.

Icona Pop – “Ready For The Weekend”

Everyone knows “I Love It.” It has become an overnight anthem of the so-declared “90′s bitches” of the world. Fortunately for us, Swedish duo Icona Pop have way more up their sleeves than just a one-hit wonder. Enter “Ready For The Weekend.” The ideal song for… you guessed it… getting pumped for that Friday-Saturday-Sunday bender of Yeezy-certified awesomeness. Ever since Rebecca Black, waiting for the end of the work week has become monumentally uncool. No more.

Lana Del Rey – “Beautiful Player”

It’s not summer without Lana. Never before has there been an artist who seems so singularly suited for a season than Lana is to the summertime. Her first album Born To Die was practically dedicated to it. Now, 2 years later, she is getting ready to release another album, but because these hot summer nights (mid-July, when you and I were forever wiiild) would seem too unbearable without her, “Beautiful Player” has been leaked to the internet. Hackers and unethical violation of copyright and privacy laws? Possibly, but I’d rather call it by its stage name – fate. Like I said, it wouldn’t be summer without Lana, so go paint your nails red, don a flower crown, and let Lady Del Rey show us how the season should really be experienced.

Vampire Weekend – “Step”

I know that summer is supposed to hold a well-deserved (albeit too brief) respite from education, but that doesn’t mean we have to let our intellect go to the dogs. Too many radio-friendly songs achieve such a status because of their catchiness (read: simplicity.) Just because Justin Bieber averages 20 words of vocabulary per hit single doesn’t mean we should follow suit. Vampire Weekend has always represented the academia-tinted side of music, and while I would never ask you to hit the books during your summer months, jamming out to their brilliantly written and composed “Step” seems a compromise you will be more than willing to meet.

Tegan and Sara – “Closer”

The air is hot and heavy, and so are your expectations for a summer romance. Coincidence that almost all of Nicholas Sparks’ stories play out during the hottest months in some beach-side suburb? Not at all. These months are for forbidden flings and love affairs that flame up and fizzle out as soon as they have started. It’s all part of the fun. No song better defines the feelings of a summer fling about to begin than Tegan and Sara’s “Closer.” Need inspiration to take that sizzling eye contact to the next step? Just press play.

What will you be listening to this summer? Let me know in your comments!!

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