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February 04, 2013  | by: Taja Whitted

Flickr (Taja Whitted)


On the street you can always find fashion at its finest because real people have the best style.  Here a few good looking New Yorker’s showing off their style in winter’s cold.

1. Songlak

Songlak looks native in her poncho and circle scarf. Making use of the Navajo prints trend her style comes across non-boring but intriguing. Prints are always a fun way to stand out and express a sense of who you are. By adding a pop of color through her gloves, she steers clear of the drab winter outfit consisting of all black.


Flickr (Taja Whitted)


2. Zakiyah D and Maria Risdic

“I’m really fond of the bohemian style mixed with a bit of 60′s influence,” said Zakiyah D.

“The more black the better,” said Maria Risdic.

Friends Zakiyah D and Maria Risdic show that New Yorker’s are fond of the circle scarf trend. This accessory works because it is functional as a scarf and a hood. You can find this style for a reasonable price at Urban Outfitters and American Apparel. Both women also show how great a cinch waist works on a coat making their form under layers still look slim and chic.


Flickr (Taja Whitted


3. Victor Burgos

Victor looks awesome and simple in a basic striped tee with boyfriend fit jeans. Never underestimate the style benefits of keeping your look simple. No one can go wrong in a tee and jeans. For a lazy Sunday try a relaxed fit like the pair Victor is wearing that fits looser allowing you more room to breathe.


Flickr (Taja Whitted)

4. Gabby

Gabby defined her style as fluffy and unexpected. Working two trends from the fall season, bold graphics and colored cords her outfit works because each piece does not compete but complete. The bold graphic and color bottoms compliment each other making Gabby’s style look unique and in style.

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