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October 28, 2011  | by: Ama Kwarteng

Style.com Magazine

Style.com is my go-to site whenever I want to get in-depth information on the latest (or past) fashion shows. Now this fashion news site, which was created by Condé Nast in 2000, is taking a risk and launching its own print magazine.

When I first heard the news about this, I wondered, why start a print magazine? The internet and social media is constantly growing, and some people argue that the print magazine is lagging behind. However, there is something special about holding a magazine in your hands and being able to read it, look at it, and touch it. There is something special about print that will never be transferred to the online world.

When asked why Style.com was putting out a print magazine, Dirk Standen, the editor of Style.com, said:

“We wanted to give the reader a sense of what it is like to go through the journey of the shows, from New York to London to Milan to Paris.”

In the press release, it states that the magazine is going to consist of a “comprehensive look at the Spring 2012 season, and a distillation of the shows, trends, parties, moods, and more from New York, London, Milan and Paris.” It will also have 23 page portfolio which shows Lindsey Wixon’s, the cover model, journey through this runway season, an assortment of Twitter messages, top-10 lists, street-style photos by Tommy Ton, and different articles, including one about the late designer Alexander McQueen.

The magazine, which launches on October 31, will cost $14.99 on newsstands, but if you order online before Monday, it will cost $4.99 plus shipping.

The fact that Style.com is releasing a magazine that contains so much information about the past runway season extremely excites me. In fact, I’ve pre-ordered my own copy. It’ll give me, and others, a chance to see the clothes in a completely different way.

To read the press release, click here.

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