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April 16, 2011  | by: Vanessa Douglas

Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert, political funny man, has a way of making the most preposterous things sound humorous. Whether it is politics or pop culture, Colbert gets his point across, and does so with unforgettable flair.

The satirist was able to demonstrate his comedic abilities yet again when he mocked Dove and Unilever for their new campaign to make women’s underarms more attractive.

The video of the segment can be seen here, and, as usual, Colbert does not disappoint. While Colbert’s hilarious mocking is just that- hilarious- he also has a point.

It is completely ridiculous that these companies are trying to make money by getting females to believe 1) they have unsightly underams, 2) that having these so-called unattractive underarms is even a problem, and 3) that there is actually a solution to this “problem”.

It is bad enough that females (and males) have to constant worry about their looks. Why do individuals have to worry about what their underarms look like? Their underarms! This marketing tactic is, as Colbert explains, simply playing (and even creating) the insecurities of females. If they didn’t realize that their underarms were ugly, they are probably thinking about it now, and that equals more zeros in Unilever bank.

The best part about Colbert’s segment was probably when he used his very own flavor of Ben & Jerry’s, Americone Dream, to try to make a young woman’s underarms look better. I guess he thought that is Dove and Unilever could make money doing something completely ridiculous, then why couldn’t he?

Toward the end of his segment, he did say, “God hates women”, and while he was obviously joking, Colbert was trying to say something insightful.  Beyond the satire and sarcasm, his statements are alluding to the fact that women are still being made fools of because of their appearance. The question is: what is worse- that these companies are running these sorts of campaigns, or that women are actually buying into them?

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