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February 11, 2011  | by: Hannah Bell

Christian Dior's spring runway show hit all the right colors

A few posts ago, I noted that one of this spring’s big trends is bold color.  Now, we’re going to go a little more in depth and figure out which colors, exactly, are the ones to wear this spring.

Color number one is pink. Pink is great because it works really well with lots of other colors, and can be paired with other brights, like orange and yellow, or with more neutral tones. And pink doesn’t always have to look super girly- it’s up to you how much you want to wear! 

Another really hot color this spring is orange, specifically bright orange. For the tail end of winter, just stick to orange with your nail polish and small accessories, but once the weather breaks, feel free to go out and rock a really awesome orange sundress. Wearing colors this bright will really brighten up your day!

Dior Adds a Touch of Yellow

Yellow is also a big spring color, because it’s just so happy! It also pairs nicely with other colors and provides good contrast. However, when wearing yellow you have to always be sure that the shade you choose flatters you, because different people look best in different shades!

To cool things down a bit, blue will also be seen a lot this spring. Blue is so versatile and can be worn with basically any other color.  This is a great choice when mixing patterns, because similar colors in different patterns help ground your look.  And you don’t have to always wear it with color — blue and white make the perfect looks-like-I’m-on-vacation combination.

Rounding out the list is lavender, which is a gorgeous color and a welcome change from some of the over-the-top brights. It adds a dreamy, sophisticated feel to any outfit, and is also a fantastic color for accessories, like scarves, shoes, eye shadow, and nail polish!

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