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January 22, 2013  | by: Susie Bijan
(A24, YouTube)

(A24, YouTube)



On Thursday, the first complete trailer for Harmony Korine’s racy new party flick “Spring Breakers” was finally released, and it’s literally everything I’ve ever wanted (trust me, there’s a whole lot of “everything” in this clip).

There’s a fine line between tackiness and brilliance, and Korine, more than anyone,  seems to understand this relationship by casting James Franco as a Riff Raff wannabe with enough chops to wax poetic about big booties and bikinis.

And whose booties do we get to see in this film? None other than those owned by Disney alums Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez (Ashley Benson of “Pretty Little Liars” fame and Rachel Korine also star to form quite the immaculate girl posse). If the unorthodox casting is not enough to make you squirm, Korine goes the extra mile by giving his female leads a new set of toys to play with: semi-automatic weapons and matching pink ski masks appropriate for robbing gas station marts. Yep, this feature is definitely not a G-rated affair.

The trailer teases us with a lot: the girls – despite violently robbing a bank to fuel their vodka-soaked escapades – still appear relatable (and cute!) at the end of the day due to a lovely rendition of “Hit Me, Baby;” Gucci Mane apparently took a break from rapping and pulled a 50 Cent; and the appearance of neon colored bikinis also serve as the best fashion statement to ever take place in a courtroom. Honestly, what more do we want as film audiences?




For potential viewers still wary of the film’s questionable mix of content, it’s good to know that Korine is definitely following a specific formula with “Spring Breakers” that aims to please his audiences more than anything else. In fact, the film is quite possibly his safest work yet, and certainly not in the same line as “Kids,” his notoriously controversial feature flick starring an incredibly young Chloë Sevigny.

There’s a reason why there’s such a cult following for cinematic gems like “Showgirls” and even “Scarface” (yes, these two films actually have a lot in common). Both are tacky in the most general sense of the word – strippers and a gaudy white suit serve as notable iconography among the two films – but to their beloved audiences they somehow transcend a certain boundary to become sublime.

The exact methods are hard to pinpoint, but these movies all embody a perfect balance of unabashed spectacle, aesthetic violence and a seemingly endless collection of cheesy and quotable lines. The trailer for “Spring Breakers” already possesses most of this winning criteria, and we still haven’t seen the entire film yet. If I had a dollar for every time Franco sloppily whooped a variant of “spring breeeaaak bitches” in the trailer, I would be swimming in cash right now (no need to rob anyone either).

Are you ready for this future cinematic masterpiece to hit the theaters on March 29, just in time for spring break? Check out the trailer at

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