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September 13, 2010  | by: Laura Rosenfeld

The new musical about Spider-Man opens on Broadway this fall.

One of the most beloved comic book characters will be swinging into Broadway this fall. Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark begins previews November 14 and opens at the Foxwoods Theatre (previously known as the Hilton Theatre) December 21.

The Spider-Man musical is one of the most anticipated new shows of the season, not only because of its famous fictional protagonist, but also due to its talented creative team and extravagant budget. According to The New York Times, Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark is the most expensive musical to date, with the cost of the musical reported to be $50 million and expected to grow by another $10 million by the time it opens. Julie Taymor, who won the 1998 Tony Award for Best Direction of a Musical for The Lion King, looks to wow Broadway audiences again with her direction of Spider-Man. Just because Spider-Man will be on Broadway doesn’t mean the music will be your traditional Rodgers & Hammerstein showtunes. Bono and The Edge from the legendary rock band U2 have written the score for the musical, which will no doubt give it a more arena rock vibe.

Taymor and the U2 rockers revealed some of the details of the long-awaited musical for the first time on Good Morning America last week. The acclaimed director described the musical as being “very physical” with a lot of stunts, such as flying over the audience, and dancing. She also showed some of the plans for the set and costume design. The New York skyline will play a big part in the visibly intricate set design of the musical, which will also include what Taymor describes as “pop-up sets.” “You’re going to see New York City come alive with these buildings,” Taymor said on GMA.

Like the imaginative costumes the actors wear onstage in The Lion King, the performers in Spider-Man will also be donning some pretty eccentric outfits. Costume Designer Eiko Ishioka’s new twist on the iconic Spider-Man suit hasn’t been revealed yet, but Taymor gave us a glimpse of the costumes for classic villain Green Goblin and new evil-doer Swiss Miss. Both looks are very spiky and most certainly look like they couldn’t be worn anywhere else but on Broadway.

Bono and The Edge also talked about writing the music for Spider-Man on GMA, saying the score will include “big rock ‘n’ roll stuff” and “big melodies.” Later in the broadcast the singer-turned-actor who will play Spider-Man on Broadway, Reeve Carney, performed the song “Boy Falls From the Sky” from the new musical. From this little preview, it looks like U2 fans will be pleased with the musical’s score. You can definitely imagine Bono singing this song from the musical with The Edge strumming his guitar along in the background.

From the first few glimpses of the musical, it looks epic. And Taymor can do no wrong in my book. Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark looks like web-slinging fun.

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