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September 19, 2012  | by: Angela Gamba

Psy is pictured in a stable doing his famous "horse-ride" dance move.

One South Korean rapper is influencing people all over the world to dance and sing, “Oppan gangnam style!” Psy (pronounced “sigh”) is becoming very popular in the United States as his music video for “Gangnam Style” continues to exceed 200 million views on YouTube. He has recently appeared on “Saturday Night Live,” the VMAs, and “The Ellen Degeneres Show.” His “horse-riding” dance move has taken him from Korea to Los Angeles, and it looks like he might be here for a while. On Sept. 4, Psy revealed that he signed a deal with Island Records.

Island Records manages Psy’s international relations while YG Entertainment continues to handle the artist’s activities in Korea. Island Records, owned by Universal Music Group, also manages stars like Justin Bieber, Bon Jovi, Mariah Carey, and The Killers. Psy’s Internet success is changing his reputation around the world. He was known in Korea as a B-list artist, but that is about to change. “Gangnam Style” has reached the number one spot on iTunes and is receiving an increasing amount of social media buzz.

Psy, real name Park Jae-Sang, in his music video for "Gangnam Style."

Psy’s music video is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining on the Internet. Some people argue that “Gangnam Style” is just another one-hit wonder, but the successful reputation of Island Records gives Psy a chance at being the next international pop star. It is rumored that he plans to release an English version of the hit song, but neither he nor Island Records have confirmed.


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