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October 17, 2011  | by: Adrienne Wenner

Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon

First it was R.E.M., is Sonic Youth next?  The popular alternative-punk band has been around for decades, and they may be calling it quits soon thanks to romantic troubles.  Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon, 58, and Thurston Moore, 53,  have announced their separation, ending their 27-year marriage.

Sonic Youth has fall tour dates scheduled, and they have confirmed that they will continue to proceed with their South American leg in November. After that, the band is uncertain about what they will do.

Their legacy began three decades ago competing against some of the most famous punk bands.  They survived the fall of punk and even earned a four star review from Rolling Stone for their latest album, 2009′s The Eternal.

A Young Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore

Gaining more fans along the way, Sonic Youth was able to beat most washed-up bands and stay with the times.  In the eyes of punksters everywhere, Kim Gordon is more of an icon than Joan Jett or Blondie.  She had more style and attitude than most women artists out there.

In a 2007 Rolling Stone interview, her then-husband, Thurston Moore agreed that Gordon is the coolest person ever.  “Believe me, she was unbelievable when I first met her. She wore this sort of hip prison-stripe outfit and flip-up shades on her glasses. She had a ponytail, a little ponytail that was sort of center at the back of her head and I thought, ‘That’s the coolest fucking person I’ve ever met.’”

The two co-founders of Sonic Youth were punk’s version of John Lennon and Yoko Ono.  Despite their public and iconic relationship, the couple wish to be given some privacy during this time.

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